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Capcom looking to improve Street Fighter x Tekken online sound problems

Blames netcode.

Capcom is looking to improve Street Fighter x Tekken's online play, which fans have reported suffers from sound issues.

The Japanese company explained these problems were the result of the game's netcode, which is completely different to Street Fighter 4's.

"The new netcode implemented in Street Fighter X Tekken allows for up to four players to have a smooth online experience, however depending on the connection stability between players, things like 'spontaneous match rollback,' 'voice effects cutting out,' and 'sound effects cutting out' also are occurring," assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano said.

"This netcode is written in a completely different way than the Street Fighter 4 series netcode, and that is why these problems are occurring.

"As Street Fighter X Tekken is a tag battle game, the amount of data that is exchanged between player connections is a lot more than the normal 1v1 battles of the Street Fighter IV series. In order to compensate for this and provide a smooth gameplay experience, the netcode was written the way it currently is. Unfortunately, this has also brought on the sound problems we are having now.

"In order to completely fix all the sound issues, the smoothness of the online gameplay has to be traded off, so it is a very complicated and difficult balancing act. We would like everyone to know that the development team is currently looking at various ways to improve the sound issues."

Ayano promised an update soon. "Thank you all for your understanding," he said.

Fans seem unconvinced, however, with some claiming the crossover fighting game is unplayable on both PS3 and Xbox 360 online.

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