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Worldwide What Would Molydeux? game jam this weekend

The real Peter Molyneux attending London leg.

This weekend there will be a 48-hour game jam exploring the works of parody Twitter account @PeterMolydeux.

Dozens of cities all over the world are taking place, including Eurogamer's home town of Brighton and England's capital, London.

Even better, the parodied game designer himself, Peter Molyneux, will attend.

"You are a scarecrow in a world with just one bird."

"I am going to go to #molyjam in London for the 19:00 kick off. Can't wait to see what real talent does in 48 hours," wrote the real Peter Molyneux on Twitter.

The humorous twitterganger of the former Lionhead boss has filled pages with original Molyneux-inspired wacky game ideas.

"You are a small girl flying a talking kite," starts one idea. "The kite seems to know about a upcoming major terrorist attack and floats towards clues."

"What if you could plant seeds that grow into cover systems?" asked another tweet.

A web page comprising Peter Molydeux's brightest ideas has been erected for MolyJam2012.

You can find and follow Peter Molydeux on Twitter by new handle @greenpixeldeux. The mimicry didn't abide by Twitter's rules of parody, so an ultimatum - change name or else - was issued.

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