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Rocksmith UK trademark battle unresolved: band responds to game's release date

"Absence of honour, ethics and fair play."

[The Rocksmith percussionist is Kris Ford and not Kris Roberts -Ed]

Ubisoft may have jumped the gun announcing the Rocksmith release date - the trademark tussle with UK band Rocksmith still hasn't been resolved.

"No agreement/deal has been reached and no meaningful dialogue engaged," Kris Ford, the band's percussionist, informed Eurogamer.

We last spoke to Ford in October, when we discovered it was his band, Rocksmith, halting Ubisoft's UK Rocksmith release plans. He claims to own the Rocksmith trademark.

He said he'd tried to work with Ubisoft but the publisher had "ignored" him. At the time, Ubisoft acknowledged Ford's and Rocksmiths' trademark opposition, then vowed to adhere to the "rules of the trademark office".

Rocksmith, the band.

Ford said this latest bout of news, of Ubisoft giving Rocksmith (the game) the UK go-ahead with a 14th September release date, was "interesting but no surprise".

"I'd recently discovered information indicating a late summer release," he explained to Eurogamer. "However, with the OHIM (European) proceedings over the disputed trademark set to last for at least another two to three months (May/June), it's a bit presumptive to say the least, as to the outcome of that process and decision."

Ford informed us of how Rocksmith was launched in the US "in the face of a still ongoing duplicated trademark dispute".

"It is simply and typically indicative of the French behemoth's attitude," he remarked. "Even if Ubisoft lose with the OHIM process, they could still launch as per the US, which will mean the start of a different kind of legal battle in the UK courts.

"In the absence of honour, ethics and fair play, we have to rely on the legal processes for a fair resolution."

Ford's birthday falls "quite close" to the intended 14th September Rocksmith launch date, and he believes the OHIM should have come to a decision by then.

"Indicative of the French behemoth's attitude..." "In the absence of honour, ethics and fair play..."

"Either way I shall look upon it as a present, especially as it should stop the malicious and threatening abuse from dim witted potential Ubisoft customers," reeled off Ford.

"In the absence of honour, ethics and fair play, we have to rely on the legal processes for a fair resolution."

Kris Ford, percussionist, UK band Rocksmith

"I am genuinely pleased for the gamers/musicians who have been frustrated by the delay caused by Ubisoft's decision making.

"It's also quite close to the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt," he added. "I'll be hoping to celebrate another English victory."

What say you, Ubisoft?

"We confirm that there is a band based in the United Kingdom that uses the claims trademark rights on the name Rocksmith and that has filed a complaint regarding our request to trademark the name for a video game," the company told Eurogamer.

"The issue is now with the trademark office and we will respect their handling of the issue and have responded, as required, via the trademark office.

"We are looking forward to bringing Rocksmith, which has already seen success in North America, to a European audience."

Rocksmith, the game.

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