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Rocksmith: can a video game teach you to play guitar?

Bertie takes the challenge for Eurogamer.

Can a video game teach you how to play guitar in just a handful of months?

Ubisoft thinks it can.

Ubisoft believes video game Rocksmith can teach anyone to become a guitarist. Even me - Eurogamer's Bertie. There's video below showing how I got on.

Inside Gibson HQ in London, where the first episode of Bertie's adventure takes place. And who is that strange man?

All I need is a real guitar, not some plastic imitation, and a copy of Ubisoft's Rocksmith game, which is out in the States but not in the UK. It comes out here later this year.

The game's clever bit is a lead that plugs into your guitar, and the other end into a PS3 USB slot. This magical lead converts the musical signal from your guitar into something the game can read.

Rocksmith recognises the notes and strings you're playing, and even recognises the pitch and tone.

Guitar Hero-style transposition has you matching fingers to frets while strumming the right strings. There are songs to learn and a myriad training tools to aid you along the way.

So Rocksmith's an interactive music game, which isn't too far-fetched of an idea. But does it work? Bertie's never played guitar before, but he's ready to embark on an adventure to find out.

Look for the next instalment in Bertie's Rocksmith diary later this month.

Can Bertie learn to play guitar?

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