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Raccoon City developer announces next project

Sci-fi game Strata Scavenger due 2013.

Resident Evil: Raccoon City developer Slant Six Games has announced its next project will be a sci-fi game named Strata Scavenger.

The title is scheduled for release sometime in 2013. No platforms have been confirmed.

Strata Scavenger.

Details on Strata Scavenger's genre and setting remain under wraps, although artwork from the game shows a futuristic hovering aircraft in a moody sci-fi location.

Strata Scavenger will be the first new franchise from the developer, following Raccoon City and previous work on SOCOM titles.

"Though we're keeping this one close to our collective chests, we can tell you that Strata Scavenger is our first original IP, and we're pretty stoked about it," a statement on Slant Six's website reads.

"The Canada Media Fund even granted us a cool million to develop the game, based on its creative and technical innovation."

The Raccoon City developer is now a multi-team studio, Slant Six exec Dan McBride recently told Straight, and is now also working on non-console platforms.

Latest release Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is released in the UK this week, although Eurogamer's Rich Stanton branded it with a skin-crawling 4/10 in our Raccoon City review.

"[Capcom's put] a show-stopping franchise in the hands of a studio that's clearly not up to it. The brand on Operation Raccoon City guarantees it many sales - perhaps millions. And for every one of those buyers, the name Resident Evil will lose a little of its lustre," Stanton wrote.

Raccoon City.

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