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Mad Dog McCree targets 3DS re-release

But don't expect any 3D effect.

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Shonky '90s FMV shooter Mad Dog McCree is on its way to the the 3DS eShop.

According to Nintendo World Report, Dutch developer Engine Software has obtained the license from IP owner Digital Leisure.

It sounds like it will be a straight port of the original, with no 3D effect added due to the game's live action origins.

"It's all full motion video," explained Engine VP Ruud van de Moosdijk. "There's really no 3D in the 3DS version because how were you gonna do that?"

There's no confirmed release date yet, but apparently the game is expected "very soon".

The notoriously dreadful lightgun shooter first showed up in arcades in 1990, followed by an array of console ports. See below for a refresher.

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