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Eurogamer Modern Warfare 3 DLC community nights

Shoot us in the face on Xbox Live.

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Right. We haven't shot many of you in the face for a while now, and we're getting bored of this state of affairs. More to the point, you haven't shot any of us in the face either, and we know this is always popular among regular readers. So let's do something about it.

Last week saw the release of the Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 DLC pack, and while it's not a name that screams excitement the contents apparently do scream excitement, at least according to reviewer Dan Whitehead.

"Judged against any reasonable criteria, Modern Warfare 3's first serving of extras is an unmistakable success," he wrote, upsetting my plan to judge them against unreasonable criteria such as how many owls you can fit in your inventory.

"Fun and challenging Spec Ops missions, plus excellent maps that have been precision-engineered to complement the COD play style, all add up to an essential download," he said, before brandishing a 9/10 score.

So, let's all get together and shoot each other on the four Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 multiplayer maps - Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch and Black Box.

A bunch of us from Eurogamer will be on Xbox Live from 7.30pm BST (that's 8.30pm CEST) on both Wednesday and Thursday this week. We'll post our gamertags in the box over to the left. If you feel like joining us, post yours in the comments, add us as friends and we'll set up some Private Matches together.

Oh, and to make things interesting, EG staff will keep an eye on the leaderboards through both evenings and on Friday we will choose 10 MVPs ("man of the match" awards, in old money) who will each receive a one-year subscription to Call of Duty Elite.

Aaaaand to make things even more interesting, on Thursday night we should be able to compete with our friends/enemies/etc at VG247.

Finally, in the interests of equality, we will repeat this exercise when the PS3 version of the Collection DLC is released.

Hope to see you online tomorrow!

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