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Paid-for Forza 4 expansion introduces Porsche

German marque returns in paid-for pack.

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Esteemed German car marque Porsche is making a return to Forza Motorsport 4 with the game's first paid-for expansion, to be released this May.

Forza Motorsport 4 notoriously lost the Stuttgart-based brand following a fall-out with EA. "When we announced that Porsche wasn't going to be in Forza 4, we didn't stop talking," Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt told Eurogamer. "We announced it because we could no longer get it into the game - production-wise, it was too late.

"We kept talking to Porsche, and we kept talking to EA - no-one wants to take Porsche away from the fans. We kept talking and talking until we found an agreeable situation, and now it's win-win. We've got Porsche coming into the game in a big way. EA's satisfied, Microsoft's satisfied and Porsche's satisfied."

The pack , which releases at an undisclosed date this May, introduces 30 Porsches, with 23 of them returning from Forza Motorsport 3 while seven are entirely new to the series.

Ten achievements will be included with the pack, weighing in at 250G. It also introduces a new, bespoke career mode built around Porsche.

It's not yet known what cars will be introduced by the pack, but the 23 Porsches previously featured in the series include the Porsche 962 and, of course, a selection of 911s.

How the deal affects Porshce's presence in future Forza games - such as the newly announced Horizon, in development at Playground Games - remains unclear. "It's a licensing deal," said Greenawalt, "and licensing deals are rarely long-term. The terms are rarely five, ten or however many years."

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