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Original Silent Hill developer disappointed at "poor" HD re-release

Art director on missing fog textures: "OMG!"

A key member of the original Silent Hill trilogy development team has expressed his disappointment at the state of the impending HD re-release of SH2 and 3.

As reported by Destructoid, Masahiro Ito, who served as art director on the first three Silent Hill games, was asked to comment via Twitter on comparison shots of the PS2 original next to the new HD version. In the images, missing fog textures have exposed unfinished sections of the environment.

"Left side is HD, isn't it? It's poor," he wrote. "It's really a released version? Really?"

When the follower who originally posed the questioned confirmed that the image was indeed from the retail disc, Ito simply replied "OMG!"

He later added that Konami should "release a patch for HD collection, I think," before speculating that the problem might be caused by PlayStation 3 tech.

"I guess that it was a problem of PS3. PS3 has a weak point for using 'translucent texture'," he wrote.

"But PS2 has no such a weak point, and original SH2/SH3 use so many 'translucent texture'. Example, for fog/mist."

Take a look at the screenshots in question below.

The Silent Hill HD Collection launched in the US earlier this month and follows in Europe on 29th March.

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