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Guerrilla and Crytek staffing up for next-gen titles - report

As well as unnamed Sweden and London-based AAA devs.

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It seems Killzone developer Guerrilla Games and Crysis studio Crytek are among the latest companies to reveal they're starting work on next-gen projects.

According to a job ad spotted by Develop, a "Netherlands-based" studio - almost certainly Sony-owned Guerrilla - is "working exclusively with an industry leader on next gen technologies".

Earlier this month, Guerrilla revealed it is currently working on three titles - Killzone Vita, a continuation of its FPS franchise on PS3 and a mystery new IP.

Another recruitment call from a "Frankfurt studio" - most likely Crytek - is hiring a senior level designer for a "next gen AAA title".

Crytek's name has already been attached to next-gen rumours. Whisperings at E3 last year suggested that it is working on Timesplitters 4 for the next round of console tech, with DirectX 11 as a visual benchmark.

Its current announced slate includes Homefront 2, Kinect action title Ryse and free-to-play FPS Warface.

Develop's report also references an ad from a "critically acclaimed" London studio for a senior engine programmer "ready for the challenge of producing a AAA title on the next generation platforms". Rocksteady? Sony London? Splash Damage?

Then there's a listing from a Swedish studio working on "triple A titles on Next Gen platforms". DICE? Starbreeze? Guess away.

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