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Street Fighter x Tekken on-disc DLC character bundle costs 1600MSP/$20

Mix of free and paid for DLC, sound issue, infinite combos fix announced.

The 12 downloadable characters for Street Fighter x Tekken will cost 1600 Microsoft Points or $20.

That's for all 12 of them in a bundle - the only way they will be sold.

Fans reacted angrily last week after it emerged that the 12 characters thought to be exclusive to the upcoming PS Vita version of the crossover fighting game were in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, but locked.

"I know many were worried past character pricing would push the cost of this update sky high, so I'm happy to say Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars and Lei will not break the bank," Capcom community manager Brett Elston said.

The character bundle is one piece of a raft of content due out for the game.

Swap costumes - $1.00 (80 MSP) each or in two $13.00 (1040 MSP) Street Fighter and/or Tekken packs - are due out beginning 3rd April. These outfits dress Street Fighter characters as Tekken characters and vice versa.

Also out on 3rd April are three free colour packs, each containing four new additions for customisation, and three new quick combos, which will bring the pre-programmed attack pattern count up to five.

Shortly after, the promised free tournament support title update will release. This adds a faster way to select your gems from the versus screen via a dial system. It will also include a fix for the online sound issues already reported by many players.

Then, a couple of weeks after that, Capcom will release a "massive selection" of free content as a title update. This includes three new Assist Gem packs and six new Boost Gem packs, which add over 60 gems to the selection pool. Three more gem slots will be added per character to accommodate this. This update also brings a free replay analyzer.

And after that, the development team will work to fix the infinite combos players have discovered.

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