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Auto Club Revolution open beta gets underway

Eutechnyx free-to-play racer hits the test track.

New free-to-play racer Auto Club Revolution has just entered open beta, developer Eutechnyx has announced.

Interested gamers can sign up without invitation via the game's official site.

Players can unlock free cars as they progress and have complimentary access to performance upgrades, tracks and customisation tools. You'll also be able to purchase premium items using the game's E-Bucks virtual currency system.

The game features cars officially licensed from over 40 leading manufacturers, as well as 150 upgrade items and a number of real-life tracks, including Silverstone and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

"The team has worked incredibly hard to get to the Open Beta phase and we're very excited to welcome everyone into the game," commented CEO Brian Jobling.

"The fundamental philosophy of Auto Club Revolution is our commitment to producing a premium quality game, built around large quantities of stunning licensed content and deployed in a game world that delivers a 'best-in-class' game play experience."

Eurogamer recently went behind the wheel for an early look at the game.

"It is, in short, the kind of game that shows that our virtual car industry is learning to adapt, working towards restoring the glory that once defined it," read Martin Robinson's Auto Club Revolution preview.

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