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Auto Club Revolution beta release date

Begins next week.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The closed beta of racing Auto Club Revolution begins next week, on Monday, 25th July, Eutechnyx has announced.

"We've produced a specific game set-up for this test phase in order to help us properly scale test features, assess content and see how the Auto Club Revolution platform is shaped and used in a live environment," executive producer Doug Wolff said.

"For example, we've shortened the player level-up system and made the higher tiers (of cars) easier to reach so that we can properly test progression in a real world environment.

"We'll reset all of these elements when we move to 'no invitation needed' Open Beta at the next phase. This is a genuine live test so we've built an easy-to-use bug report and feature request ticketing system in order to provide real time feedback to our test players."

Also included in the closed beta is the car modification Workshop, in which players can customise their cars through a web interface.

Eutechnyx said today applications to take part in the closed beta will close soon.

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