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Final Fantasy 7 mod adds voice acting to original game

Mako-ing it come alive.

The original Final Fantasy 7 is now fully voice acted, thanks to a new mod by the Tsunamods community.

Available today, Echo-S 7 adds voice acting to every scene, with automatic text boxes "to help the scenes feel like you're watching a movie".

"We gathered actors from all over the world to voice act the entirety of Final Fantasy 7. Every main, minor, and NPC; you name a character, they're voiced - even the tutorials!" reads the Tsunamods website.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion - Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

"All the NPCs are voiced by our community, giving us a great range of accents and voices to make the game feel real."

It even adds new lines of dialogue to FMV sequences and battles.

I'm sure some players may be put off if the voice acting doesn't quite match their own interpretations of characters, but it certainly adds a new dimension to the game.

What's more, Tsunamods has another mod in the works called Echoes of the Planet that adds dynamic music alongside the automatic text boxes of Echo-S 7.

Similar mods are also on the way for Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9.

Other mods for Final Fantasy 7 have included a 60fps mode and a mod for the recently released Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion that reverts to the original PSP voice actors.

Check out the Tsunamods page for more information on Echo-S 7 and the video below of the mod in action.

Final Fantasy 7 Voice Mod Release Trailer // Echo-S 7Watch on YouTube

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