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Dead Space trophy guide, from how earn every achievement and hidden trophy to the Platinum trophy explained

Get to know the USG Ishimura like the back of your hand.

Dead Space remake features an extensive trophy list, filled with extra challenges and even a Platinum Trophy to earn.

Generally speaking, it's fairly straightforward to get all of the trophies and achievements in Dead Space remake, though it does require multiple playthroughs.

Below we’ve listed all of the trophies, including how to earn the hidden trophies and how long it may take you to unlock the Platinum trophy for Dead Space remake.

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Dead Space trophy and achievement list

On PlayStation 4 and 5, Dead Space, aside from hidden trophies, has 39 trophies to unlock. If you’re playing on PC, then this will be 38 trophies as this platform does not have a Platinum trophy.

These trophies can be earned by completing side activities in the game, or by achieving special feats, such as completing the game only using the Plasma Cutter.

Below you can find every non-secret trophy for Dead Space:

Trophy How to unlock it Grade
Concordance Officer Collect all Trophies Platinum
Welcome Aboard Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Lab Rat Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting Bronze
All Systems Go Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Cannon Fodder Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting Bronze
True Believer Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Greenhouse Effect Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting Bronze
S.O.S. Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Strange Transmissions Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Wreckage Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Keeper of the Faith Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Betrayed Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting Bronze
Exodus Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting Silver
Final Regeneration Discover the Hunter's origins Silver
Whole Again Pursue Nicole's investigation Silver
Set a Benchmark Complete the game on Medium difficulty or above Silver
Untouchable Complete the game in Impossible Mode Gold
Trusted Contractor Complete New Game Plus on any difficulty mode Silver
Full Arsenal Own every weapon in the game Bronze
Built to Order Install every weapon upgrade Silver
Autofire Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle Bronze
Live with the Hot Ones Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower Bronze
A Cut Above Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper Bronze
Pusher Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun Bronze
Eviscerator Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun Bronze
Full Contact Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam Bronze
One Gun Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter Silver
Pack Rat Place 25 items in Storage Bronze
Story Teller Collect 75 logs Bronze
Legend Teller Collect 150 logs Bronze
Merchant Collect all Schematics Bronze
Marksman Dismember 50 Limbs Bronze
Surgeon Dismember 500 Limbs Bronze
Wishbone Rip off a dangling Limb using Kinesis Bronze
Raise the Stakes Pin an enemy Bronze
Freeze Use Stasis on 50 enemies Bronze
Backbreaker Kill 10 enemies with a stomp attack Bronze
Maxed Out Fully upgrade all weapons and equipment Gold
There's always Peng! Find the Peng Treasure Bronze
Dead Space remake review - Clarke jetpacking through an area with a machine pumping out brilliant golden light

Dead Space hidden trophy and achievement list

There are nine hidden trophies to collect in Dead Space and here's how to get each of them.

Be aware that there are some spoilers in the descriptions of each hidden trophy.

Thankfully, you’ll earn the majority of these trophies naturally as you progress on your adventure. There are a few, however, which require you to complete either a certain task or special feat to earn.

Here’s every hidden trophy for Dead Space:

Trophy How to unlock it Grade
Front Toward Enemy Survive the Shooting Gallery Bronze
Z-Baller Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball Silver
Full Clearance Create the Master Security Override Silver
Brute Force Kill a Brute Bronze
Exterminator Kill the Leviathan Bronze
Get Off My Ship! Kill the Leviathan Remnant Bronze
Mindless Prey Kill the Hive Mind Bronze
Marked Pick Up a Marker Fragment for the first Bronze
Reunion See the Alternative Ending on any difficulty Silver
A Dead Space remake screenshot.

How easy is it to obtain the Platinum trophy in Dead Space?

Generally speaking, the Dead Space Platinum is fairly easy to get, although it does require multiple playthroughs. The hardest thing to do will be completing the campaign using only the Plasma Cutter, as it's not really recommended you play the game that way on your first playthrough. Marker Fragments can be tricky to find in New Game Plus, especially when you consider that the game will be more challenging by default.

It seems as though three playthroughs are recommended to go after the Platinum. This could take you up to 30 hours, depending on how long it takes you to clear certain areas at higher difficulties.