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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak sells over 5m copies

Ahead of console release this week.

Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak has now sold over 5m copies worldwide across Switch and PC.

Capcom shared the news on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, thanking hunters for their support. A new commemorative in-game item pack will soon be released in celebration.

Sunbreak was released in June 2022 and adds a considerable amount of content including new locales, monsters, and more.

Monster Hunter Rise - Announce Trailer | Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Game Pass, PS5, PS4

The news comes just ahead of Monster Hunter Rise arriving on consoles this week - from 20th January it will be available on Xbox (via Game Pass) and PlayStation consoles.

That will be followed by the Sunbreak expansion later in the spring.

By October last year, Sunbreak had sold 4.4m units, while sales of the base game topped 11m.

In addition, Capcom has announced Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - the expansion for Monster Hunter: World released in September 2019 - has now surpassed 10m units worldwide.

With the release of Rise on more platforms (and its current sales trajectory), it's likely that number could be topped.

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Monster Hunter Rise

PC, Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

PC, Nintendo Switch

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