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Grab this excellent Kingston Fury 32GB kit of DDR4-3200 RAM for £77 from Amazon right now

Great all-round RAM for a good price.

So, you want to build a new PC, but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg on some RAM? Going for DDR4 makes a lot of sense, especially now that you can pick up a 32GB kit of 'Kingston Fury Beast' RAM for just over £77.

This is a 3200MT/s CL16 dual-channel kit, which is the current DDR4 sweet spot in terms of price to performance. Lower frequency DDR4 RAM incurs a noticeable performance penalty and doesn't cost any less, and you need to spend significantly more to bump up frame-rates by only a few percentage points, making RAM beyond DDR4-3600 not really worthwhile from a value perspective.

This is a 32GB kit too, which provides you with a good amount of headroom to use for more intensive tasks such as content creation and video/photo editing workloads, where you'll be able to feel the benefits of 32GB over 16GB. You could certainly go for a 16GB kit instead if you're only going to be gaming (£44), but given the relatively modest premium for the larger capacity, 32GB makes sense.

It's also worth noting that this Kingston RAM kit is also quite a purposeful looking kit with a black heat spreader, complete with Kingston branding in silver. There isn't any RGB to speak of here, so if you're more about building a PC that's going to be handy for a cleaner aesthetic, this Kingston set should fit right in.

If you do need some more RAM to upgrade your system with, or you're building a new one and want to get a solid bang for the buck option that's going to be suitable for some especially intensive workloads, you certainly won't go wrong if you pick up this Kingston Fury Beast 32GB DDR4 kit.