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Yet more military documents leaked on War Thunder forum

Jet stream.

More military documents have been leaked on the War Thunder forum this week - not once, but twice.

Leaking classified military documents has sadly been a frequent occurrence in the forums of the MMO combat game, most recently last June, by demanding players who expect realism from the game.

Earlier this week, military documents relating to the F-16 fighter jet were shared by a player attempting to win an argument.

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Then, over a dozen system manuals for the F-15E US strike fighter plane were leaked - a vehicle that isn't even in the game yet.

Even if the documents are declassified, these leaks fall under the jurisdiction of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which limits the disclosure of US weapons data.

Moderators on the War Thunder forum have since deleted the posts.

Details of the posts have been shared on reddit, beneath which the subreddit moderator has warned: "if any of you idiots leak any export restricted or classified documents in this subreddit, I will personally shut this place down for a week to make the person responsible think long and hard about their life choices.

"WT is a video game. Stop committing federal crimes over internet arguments about it."

Developer Gaijin Entertainment is yet to publicly comment, but the news comes in the wake of a fresh update that comes with a number of bug fixes.

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