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Dead Space fans translate mysterious New Game Plus message, which may hint at future locations

Ishimura to come?

Dead Space may have only released a few days ago, but some intrepid players have already started working their way through the remake's New Game Plus mode.

This mode offers up a variety of features, such as new phantom variant necromorphs for players to test their will against, a new suit and a secret ending. Additionally, it also brings with it new logs that players can collect and learn more about the USG Ishimura from.

Dead Space gets the Digital Foundry treatment.Watch on YouTube

One of these logs, however, is described as being "indecipherable" by the game. And yet, someone has deciphered it, and now many in the Dead Space community think the text is talking about events from later Dead Space games and media.

First of all, here is the log in question with its hieroglyphic-like text, as shared by GingyYouTube on Reddit (via PC Gamer).

Turns out, it wasn't so indecipherable after all.

According to GingyYouTube, this all translates to:

They walk in white Untouched by red They order the living They shepherd the dead

A finger's touch-- We're frozen still They are the answer They are the will

Beyond the stars The brethren wait Oracles, deliver us From humanity's fate

This translation has got people chatting about just what this text is referring to. And, the general consensus is that it is referring to the Oracles who show up in Dead Space 2's DLC, Severed, as well as some of the comics. Oracles are a mysterious group who dress in white, and hence the connection being made in this translation.

Another theory is that this log is referring to the frozen plant of Tau Volantis from Dead Space 3. The walking in white above could be all about the snow and ice.

So, what does this all mean? Perhaps, EA has ideas for more Dead Space remakes down the line. Perhaps it is just a fun inclusion for fans. What do you make of this translation?

In the meantime, if you want more on the remake, you can read Edwin's thoughts on it all in his Dead Space review here.