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PSA: There's a timed trial of The Last of Us Part One on PlayStation Plus

The clock is clicking.

If you've just watched the first episode of The Last of Us and are keen to experience the game (or are in need of a reminder), don't forget there's a trial of The Last of Us Part One for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony offers Premium subscribers trials of a number of games, including The Last of Us Part One.

The trial offers two hours of game time, after which players will need to fork out the full £69.99 to continue.

The Last of Us Part 1 - PlayStation 5 - The Digital Foundry Tech ReviewWatch on YouTube

Still, that's enough to offer a taste of what's to come.

Other trials include Cyberpunk 2077, A Plague Tale Requiem, Ghostwire Tokyo, Horizon Forbidden West, and more - each offering a different amount of trial time.

The Last of Us Part One is a PS5 remake of the original game, which includes spruced up graphics and new accessibility options. Digital Foundry were impressed with the tech behind it.

HBO's The Last of Us TV adaptation launches today - Sky Atlantic users in the UK are able to watch at the same time as HBO users in the US each week.

The show is already receiving rave reviews, let us know your thoughts in the comments if you've seen it already. Has it inspired you to play the game?