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Dead Space accessibility options include content warning feature

"Game design is a continuous journey."

Motive has detailed the accessibility options for Dead Space.

The remake, which was released today, has a variety of features that players can implement at their will. These include narratable menus, a range of subtitle options, controller customisation, five difficulty settings and a colourblind mode. You can see how many of these options look in the video embedded below.

In addition to these features, the Dead Space developer has also added an optional content warning feature. With this feature in use, players will be informed about any upcoming in-game content that they could find upsetting. This is done "by displaying a non-intrusive popup that gives a brief description of the type of event that's waiting around the corner, or in an audio or video log before you play it" (see header image above).

Accessibility and Player Choice in Dead Space.Watch on YouTube

In addition to these warnings, there is also the option to blur out said content if wished. If players choose to do this, they will "still hear any audio" that happens during these particular moments in the game, but "a blurring effect will hide the visuals until the scene has played out".

This feature is mostly used for content that involves "intense violence against humans, strong psychological horror, or self-harm". The developer stressed it will not cover things such as harm done to Dead Space's Necromorph enemies.

"Dead Space remains a horror game, with gore and blood," Motive stated. "We didn't want to go against the core of the game."

All of these features are, of course, optional, so players can customise their Dead Space experience as suits them.

Morgan Baker, EA's program lead for game accessibility, added: "All these features have room for growth, of course... Game design is a continuous journey, and there's always room for improvement."

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