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Where to find Dead Space Peng treasure location

There's always Peng.

The Peng treasure is an expensive item teased by in-game advertisements throughout the Dead Space remake, but its location will take you a while to find.

To help you get the 'There's Always Peng!' Trophy or Achievement and sell the treasure for a helpful 30,000 Credits, we've detailed where to find the Peng treasure location in Dead Space below. This does not cover how to get the Peng treasure in the original Dead Space.

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Dead Space Peng Treasure explained

You might have seen the various in-game advertisements for something called 'Peng' while exploring the different areas of the Ishimura. Nobody knows what Peng actually does in the Dead Space universe, but the item itself is a statue of a woman. The description for the Peng item in the Dead Space remake calls it 'an oddly intriguing artifact from the past'.

The mysterious collectible is found in all mainline Dead Space entries, and you always get a Trophy or Achievement for finding it.

We recommend selling the Peng treasure when you locate it, as it usually goes for a large amount. The Peng Treasure is worth 30,000 Credits in the Dead Space remake, which can go a long way to buying helpful upgrades and other resources in the store.

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Where to find Peng treasure location in Dead Space

The Peng treasure in the Dead Space remake is located in a locker in the Cargo Bay of the Hangar Tram Control area of the ship. However, you can't access this locker until Chapter 11.

When you go down some stairs to the Cargo Bay in Chapter 11, turn left and you'll see a few boxes piled up. You need to use your Kinesis to lift these boxes and move them out of the way of the lockers.

Once you've moved the boxes away, you can then open the locker to find the Peng treasure inside. This is the only Peng treasure you get in the game. Once you pick it up, you'll also unlock the 'There's Always Peng!' Trophy or Achievement.

The Peng treasure is worth 30,000 Credits in the Dead Space remake, so we recommend selling it at the next store you come across.

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