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How to get Security Clearance Levels in Dead Space

Get more weapons and resources by raising your Clearance Level.

The Dead Space remake introduces Security Clearance Levels, which you need to open certain doors and containers.

Some of these doors are crucial to progressing the story, while others give you optional resources, weapons, and upgrades for your equipment.

However, it's not clear in the beginning how to get Security Clearance Levels in Dead Space, so we've detailed exactly when and where you get Security Clearance Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 below.

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Dead Space Security Clearance Levels explained

Coming across locked doors and containers that need a higher Clearance Level near the start of your journey on the Ishimura can be frustrating - especially if you're running low on resources.

The good news is that you haven't accidentally missed anything, as you need to progress with the story to get Security Clearance Levels in the Dead Space remake.

It's annoying if you spot a cool upgrade or resources in a room, but it's worth noting that you'll almost always come back to an area. This means you don't have to backtrack when you increase your Clearance Level until the story takes you back.

There are some exceptions though, so if you find you've filled in all of an area's map but there's still one or two Security Clearance Level doors you haven't opened, you might want to go back in between story beats.

Clearance Levels doors are marked on your map.

Master Override is different to Clearance Level, as you don't get it as part of the story. Instead, you need to collect seven Rigs as part of the 'You Are Not Authorised' side quest. Once you find all the Rigs, you can then combine the data to get Master Override and access more locked rooms and containers.

We can help guide you through the Ishimura with our weapons and suit locations, Marker Fragment locations for the secret ending, secret break room codes, Security Clearance Levels, Master Override, the Scientific Methods side quest, and the Peng Treasure location. We've also got solutions to the comms array satellites and Centrifuge puzzles, a Trophy and Achievements list, and strategies on how to beat the Hunter, Leviathan, and Leviathan Remnant bosses.

How to get Security Clearance Levels in Dead Space

There are three Security Clearance Levels to find in Dead Space.

To give you a clear look at when you can start to open these locked Clearance Level doors and containers, here's exactly how to get all Security Clearance Levels in the Dead Space remake:

Security Clearance Level Chapter How To Get
Level 1 Chapter 2 Pick up the captain's Rig in Medical then speak with Hammond
Level 2 Chapter 4 Speak with Hammond on the Bridge
Level 3 Chapter 7 Pick up Dallas's Rig in Mining

Remember, you'll get every Clearance Level by progressing with the story - you can't accidentally miss a security clearance upgrade.