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Dead Space Scientific Methods side quest walkthrough

Isaac’s tragic trials and errors.

Scientific Methods is the first side quest in the Dead Space remake, which sees our hero Isaac Clarke track his partner, Nicole Brennan’s movements through the ill-fated planet cracker, the USG Ishimura.

This side quest is spread out across most of the Dead Space campaign, starting in Chapter 2 and ending in Chapter 10, which means that you will be working on this for the majority of the game. If you’re curious as to where the next step is, or if you need help finding Nicole’s tracks, check out our walkthrough below.

For more help exploring the USG Ishimura, we've got pages on weapon locations, how to get Security Clearance, and how to beat the Hunter.

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How to unlock Scientific Methods in Dead Space

Accessible from Chapter 2: Intensive Care
Location: Medical, Main Laboratory

You will have to visit the Main Laboratory in Chapter 2: Intensive Care as part of the storyline. There will be a lockdown as the room is quarantined (two words that are scarier than all of Dead Space combined), and you take out a bunch of enemies.

Once dispatched, look for Nicole’s office – it's next to the Stasis refill station.

Nicole’s office

From here, you simply need to head into her office and pick up the audio log from her desk!

Here we go!

The mission, according to your journal is as follows:

"Nicole… She’s everything to me. And she’s lost somewhere on board. I have to find her, and get us both out of this hell."

We can help guide you through the Ishimura with our weapons and suit locations, Marker Fragment locations for the secret ending, secret break room codes, Security Clearance Levels, Master Override, the Scientific Methods side quest, and the Peng Treasure location. We've also got solutions to the comms array satellites and Centrifuge puzzles, a Trophy and Achievements list, and strategies on how to beat the Hunter, Leviathan, and Leviathan Remnant bosses.

Scientific Methods Step 1: Investigate the Emergency Room in Dead Space

Accessible from Chapter 2: Intensive Care
Location: Medical, Emergency Room

"Nicole was working in the Ishimura’s Emergency Room. If I retrace her steps, maybe I can find out what happened to her."

This sounds simple enough, but the kicker is that you need to get through the barricade in Medical in order to reach the ER. Fortunately, blowing this up is part of the storyline, so continue onwards until you tick off your DIY demolition project.

You can track side missions on your locator to make life slightly easier.

You’ll enter a room full of gurneys. One of them has a looped recording of Nicole – head towards it.

From here, your objective will update to 'Follow Nicole’s Hologram', but there’s a slight snag, as your journal points out:

"I found a recording of Nicole in the Emergency Room. It shows her running off, but there’s nothing in that direction except a wall. Either the recording’s broken, or something else is going on."

This is a very simple puzzle – Mr Clarke just can’t see the door for the boxes. Head to the nearby Circuit Breaker and look for the blocks with the Kinesis symbol — pull them out of the way to reveal a 'hidden' door. It’s incredibly easy to spot, especially if you use the map.

Head to the room just east of Clarke, here.

Head inside, watch the scene, and tick one more thing off your to-do list!

Scientific Methods Step 2: Find the Autopsy Recording in Dead Space

Accessible from Chapter 3: Course Correction
Location: Engineering, Machine Shop

"Nicole planned to autopsy one of these things. Her log mentioned a creature that was dismembered in Engineering – I should check there."

A short hop from the previous step, you gain access to this part of this quest line once you access the Engineering deck. It’s right on the mission line, so it’s super easy to find, too.

Head over to the Security Station – make sure you set your mission tracker to this side mission and then follow the orange line that appears when you click R3.

Once you’re here, you should see a small corridor heading towards the Calibration Room. You’ll find the next hologram here, along with your next set of instructions.

The autopsy report is in the room next to the upgrade bench.

Scientific Methods Step 3: Find Kyne’s secret headquarters in Mining in Dead Space

Accessible from Chapter 7: Into the Void
Location: Mining, Equipment Supply
Recommended weapons: Flamethrower, Pulse Rifle

"Nicole wanted help from a Dr. Kyne, to help find the connection between the outbreak and… 'the Marker'. She thought Kyne was somewhere on the Mining Deck."

We have to take a break from this side mission until you unlock Chapter 7, which takes you to the Mining Deck. Follow the quest line until you reach a giant elevator, and gain access to its lowest level.

Until now, your choice of loadout hasn’t really affected things, since you didn’t have much choice back in Chapter 3. This time, bringing the right tools to the job will make your life a lot easier.

Your next recording can be found here.

Once you get to the final sub-level (Deck D; Maintenance), you’re going to go into a room with four corridors forming a square. There are two fliers here, so quickly dispatch them with the Pulse Rifle’s secondary fire mode – this will kill not only them, but blow up any corpses in the process, meaning that even if you’re not quick enough on the trigger, you don’t need to worry about the reanimated necromorph coming to high-five you.

Be aware that there’s also one of those wall-clinging enemies with the six tendrils – you know the one; it decapitates you if you get too close, and shoot out other enemies that shoot you. Send a third Pulse Rifle mine in its direction to clear the room; if you’re low on ammo, there’s a few red (explosive) canisters littering the room to help you out.

Look for this Circuit Breaker.

Once that’s done, go through to Secure Storage and flip the circuit breaker to Storage 01. This isn’t strictly necessary, but well worth it while you’re here.

Equip your flamethrower and get ready to burn some little of the little crawlers. In here there’s a locker with some Pulse Rounds (you’ll probably need a refill) and a Ruby Semiconductor – grab them and then switch back to your Pulse Rifle. Two enemies will jump you when you try to leave, so be ready for them.

Storage 02 has two Audio Logs, including the ones you’re looking for this mission, along with some Pulse Rounds and Line Racks in the lockers.

Note: while you’re here, you probably want to know what’s behind doors 03 and 04. Storage 03 is just a 1-shot wall zombie and 04 is inaccessible due to the wall of gunk. You can ignore these if you want to.

Scientific Methods Step 4: Investigate Mercer’s Quarters in Dead Space

Accessible from Chapter 10: End of Days
Location: Crew Deck, Crew Quarters
Recommended loadout: something explosive, a full Stasis bar

"Kyne said Mercer moved all research on the Marker to his quarters on the Crew Deck. Nicole… tell me you didn’t walk into a trap. I have to go there. I have to know."

The final stage of this side mission is accessible once you get to Chapter 10. There’s a few encounters with everyone’s favourite regenerating necromorph here – the Hunter.

Whenever you encounter him, blow him up and then Stasis the pieces, this will allow you to put the maximum distance between the two of you. Remember, as long as you can get two rooms away from him, you can always turn around, go back and pick up anything you left behind; just make sure you escape him as quickly as you can first!

Mercer’s quarters can be found here.

The route to this stage of the side mission is currently blocked by a series of tentacles. When the story mission directs you to destroy the tentacle in the Deluxe Quarters, you’re on the right track – switch your tracker over to the side mission and follow the orange line to Dr Mercer’s quarters.

Here, you will need to click on the TVs, watch a scene, then proceed to the back room to watch another scene.


Once that’s done, the trophy/achievement Whole Again will pop. Congratulations on completing the quest!