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Dead Space comms array puzzle solution, how to fix comms array with satellite dishes

How to solve this puzzle in Chapter 8.

The comms array puzzle with the satellite dishes in Chapter 8 has been reworked in the Dead Space remake, but you still need to solve it in order to contact the USM Valor.

It's not immediately obvious what you have to do, so we've detailed how to fix the comms array in Dead Space below, including the exact comms array puzzle solution if you're in a hurry. This does not cover how to fix the comms array in the original Dead Space.

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Dead Space Remake - DF Tech Review - This Is What A Best-In-Class Remake Looks Like.

How to fix comms array with satellites in Dead Space

During Chapter 8 while trying to contact the USM Valor, you will be met with another hitch in Isaac and Daniels' plans when they discover that the satellite dishes needed to contact the crew have been destroyed or misaligned.

Your locator is useless in the Communication Control room during this puzzle, as it stops showing you a straight line to your objective, and instead highlights the whole room.

To fix the comms array in the Dead Space remake, you have to create a single blue line of energy from the power source to the top of the top of the room, into the central node.

To guide this blue line of energy, you need to use the satellite dishes that have white lines on them. These white lines represent what direction the blue energy will flow in. Not all satellites have these lines, and not every satellite with a white line needs to be used to solve the puzzle.

Use your Kinesis to pull out the satellites with no lines above the power source. This is the large fuse-like thing with a blue glow under the main Communications Control display screen.

You'll know you've inserted the correct satellites and solved the comms array puzzle when the Ishimura's computer tells you the communications array has been re-aligned, and Daniels contacts you again.

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Dead Space comms array puzzle solution

It can take a while to work out which satellites go where, so to speed things along, the picture below shows the exact puzzle solution to the comms array puzzle in Dead Space.

Line up the satellite dishes just like this to solve the comms array puzzle.

Your goal is to change the blue energy flow from right to left using only the 'L' satellite dishes, starting on the right-hand side of the power source.