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Dead Space weapon locations, best weapons, and where to find every gun

Survive longer by using the remake's best weapons.

Dead Space weapons are mostly repurposed mining tools that Isaac uses to blast Necromorphs in both the remake, and the original.

However, unlike the original, you need to find each weapon location in Dead Space before you can use it, instead of buying some from the Ishimura's store.

As each weapon is best suited to go up against a specific type of Necromorph, we've also detailed the best weapons in Dead Space to help you decide which guns to keep in Isaac's inventory.

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Dead Space weapons explained

There are seven weapons in the Dead Space remake:

  • Plasma Cutter
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Ripper
  • Flamethrower
  • Contact Beam
  • Line Gun
  • Force Gun

You can get each gun in the same order listed above, but some are easily missable, like the Line Gun.

Unlike the original, you can only get new weapons by finding them in different areas on the Ishimura, not by purchasing from the store. You can, however, purchase ammo and weapon upgrades from the store, as long as you've found their schematics somewhere on the ship first.

Weapon upgrades add more possible node options to a gun's skill tree, which you can then spend nodes on to upgrade attributes like damage, capacity, reload speed, and special upgrades unique to each weapon.

Every weapon has a primary firing mode, and a secondary firing mode. On controllers you use a gun's primary fire by pressing R2 / RT and its secondary firing mode by pressing R1 / RB. Every weapon's primary and secondary has a different effect, but generally speaking the secondary fire takes more ammo than the primary fire.

It's important to note that you only pick up ammo for the weapons in Isaac's inventory. So if you really don't like a weapon, make sure you put it into storage at the Ishimura's store. On the other hand, if you've ran out of ammo for one of your favourite guns, make sure you don't put it in storage!

Remember, unless you're using a weapon like the Flamethrower, your aim should be to target a Necromorph's limbs, not their head or body. You kill enemies a lot quicker this way. However, bosses like the Hunter and Leviathan have their own unique strategies to defeat them.

Best weapons in Dead Space

There are situations where certain weapons are more useful than others, as no single weapon is able to deal with every Necromorph-type perfectly. Although it mostly comes down to personal preference, there are some weapons that we recommend upgrading over others, as they're either versatile, or have cheap ammo costs.

With that in mind, we consider the Pulse Rifle, Plasma Cutter, and Force Gun to be the best weapons in Dead Space.

You should use the Pulse Rifle on these types of enemies.

When upgraded, the Pulse Rifle delivers some of the highest damage numbers in the whole game, but it isn't the best at shooting off an enemy's limbs. It's secondary fire, however, plants a mine that explodes on impact with a Necromorph, and this usually takes off their legs. You can then switch to another weapon to finish it off, or unload some of the Pulse Rifle's primary fire ammo.

The Pulse Rifle also has a huge clip size when upgraded, meaning you'll be able to use it more often than other guns if your inventory is limited.

The trusty Plasma Cutter is great for dismembering Necromorphs.

Although the Line Gun is basically a better version of the Plasma Cutter, its ammo is much more expensive to buy, and it has a smaller clip size. You do have to be more accurate with the Plasma Cutter, but if your resources are limited and your aim is decent, we would always recommend upgrading the Plasma Cutter over the Line Gun.

The Force Gun is good for close encounters.

Lastly, we consider the Force Gun one of the best weapons in the game for its incredible crowd control abilities. If you ever see a Necromorph, or a crowd of enemies, closing in on Isaac, pulling out the Force Gun and firing can buy you more time and take some limbs off, depending on how much it's upgraded.

We can help guide you through the Ishimura with our weapons and suit locations, Marker Fragment locations for the secret ending, secret break room codes, Security Clearance Levels, Master Override, the Scientific Methods side quest, and the Peng Treasure location. We've also got solutions to the comms array satellites and Centrifuge puzzles, a Trophy and Achievements list, and strategies on how to beat the Hunter, Leviathan, and Leviathan Remnant bosses.

Where to find Plasma Cutter weapon in Dead Space

The Plasma Cutter is an unmissable weapon location in Dead Space. You'll pick it up right near the beginning of the game in Chapter 1, after you get separated from your crew and have run away from the Necromorph.

The Plasma Cutter is a precision weapon that you will use throughout most of the game to cut off enemies' limbs. You can use its secondary fire mode to change the reticle to either a horizontal or vertical line, making it easier to shoot certain limbs off.

A stack of six Plasma Cutter ammo costs 1,200 Credits from the store.

Where to find Pulse Rifle weapon in Dead Space

The Pulse Rifle in Dead Space is located in the Medical Tram Station by a dead body, and you first come across it in Chapter 2 on your way to get the captain's Rig and your first Clearance Level.

The Pulse Rifle has a high fire rate and is best used when trying to burst something on an enemy. Any Necromorph with a glowing sac or exploding body part is best dealt with the Pulse Rifle. It's not very good at taking limbs off, however, so using its secondary fire to throw a proximity mine down is recommended instead in this situation.

If you ever want to pick a mine back up and return your ammo, aim at it then press R1 / RB.

A stack of 25 Pulse Rifle ammo costs 1,250 Credits from the store.

Where to find Ripper weapon in Dead Space

The Ripper in Dead Space is located at the Machine Shop in Engineering during Chapter 3, underneath a headless corpse. You first come across this area while doing the 'Refuel the Engines (South)' objective.

Holding down the primary fire button on the Ripper turns it into a close-range saw that you can use to take off an enemy's limbs. They will still attack when you do this, however, so it's best to do this from behind them, or when they're in Stasis.

The Ripper's secondary fire shoots a single blade that can ricochet off surfaces to damage multiple enemies in a room, or even hurt the same enemy again. This is best used in smaller rooms.

A stack of three Ripper ammo costs 1,500 Credits from the store.

Where to find Flamethrower weapon in Dead Space

The Flamethrower in Dead Space is located just before the gross tunnel to Fuel Storage in Engineering during Chapter 3. You first come across it after activating the Centrifuge on your way to manually ignite the engines.

The Flamethrower is great for dealing with the small crawling enemies that appear after certain Necromorphs burst open, or when causing damage to a group of limbless enemies. Its secondary fire launches a projectile that creates a high wall of flames on impact.

A stack of 25 Flamethrower ammo costs 1,750 Credits from the store.

Where to find Contact Beam weapon in Dead Space

The Contact Beam in Dead Space is located in the Records Office on Administration during Chapter 4. You need to use your Security Clearance Level 2 to open the door to the office. You first come across it after exiting a vacuum while on your way to reroute power from the Mining Administration.

The Contact Beam fires a continuous line of energy that's great for slicing off limbs, or bursting open certain necromorph types. It's quicker than using the Plasma Cutter or Line Gun, but you use up a lot of ammo when unleashing it.

The Contact Beam's secondary firing mode charges a single powerful laser shot when held down. It's great for firing at bosses like the Leviathan.

A stack of 5 Contact Beam ammo costs 2,000 Credits from the store.

Where to find Line Gun weapon in Dead Space

The Line Gun in Dead Space is located in the Emergency Equipment Storage room on Medical during Chapter 5. You need to use your Level 2 Security Clearance to open the door. You first come across it while running from the Hunter, but might want to come back later and get it, as the Hunter is an unkillable enemy at this point.

The Line Gun is basically an upgraded version of the Plasma Cutter. It has a bigger line that means you can shoot both of a Necromorph's legs off at once. Its secondary firing mode shoots a laser mine that's good for taking off limbs if placed right. Just like the Pulse Rifle, these mines can be returned to get your ammo back by aiming at it and pressing R1 / RB.

A stack of three Line Gun ammo costs 2,100 Credits from the store.

Where to find Force Gun weapon in Dead Space

The Force Gun in Dead Space is located in the West Seedling Room A on Hydroponics during Chapter 6. You first come across it on your way to injecting the first Wheezer after fighting a horde of enemies in the large room with the lift in the middle.

Think of the Force Gun as the 'leave me alone' weapon. It's got a very short range, but this makes it great for blasting enemies away from you if they're getting uncomfortably close. The Force Gun's secondary firing mode creates a gravity well that pulls enemies towards it.

A stack of three Force Gun ammo costs 2,400 Credits from the store.

Have fun blasting those limbs off in Dead Space!

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