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Twitch streamer defeats Elden Ring's Malenia in dance pad and controller simultaneous challenge run

Do the Waterfowl Dance.

When Twitch streamer MissMikkaa began her 2 Elden Ring 1 Girl challenge at the end of last year, there was one major question: how will she manage Malenia?

Well, she's only gone and done it. After three days and 199 tries, Malenia has been defeated - twice, simultaneously.

That's once with a controller, and once on a dance pad. At the same time.

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MissMikkaa shared a video on Twitter of her accomplishment, falling to the floor as the second boss finally falls. The lead up to that moment is about as intense as Elden Ring has ever been.

The streamer has already beaten Elden Ring with one hand and then again using a dance pad. Now she's doing both together, with only Radagon and the Elden Beast left to defeat.

Elden Ring has been winning Game of the Year awards left, right, and centre - including here at Eurogamer with staff and readers.

It also dominated the headlines throughout 2022 - MissMikkaa's run is just one of many creative ways players have traversed the Lands Between.