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Grand Theft Auto trilogy released on Steam in sorry state

Epic Games Store release coming later this month.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition has been released on Steam, with support for the Steam Deck.

However, it appears the release still contains bugs from the game's poorly received release in 2021.

All three games are currently available as a bundle and individually with 50 percent off as part of a larger Rockstar sale, but reviews from Steam users are mixed.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition Revisited: BIG Improvements Since Launch
Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition Revisited: BIG Improvements Since Launch

Plenty of negative reviews have been posted across all three games in the trilogy.

Complaints include multiple bugs, poor performance and graphics, and a lack of patches following complaints when the trilogy was originally released.

"The entire PC community is happy to have our favorite childhood games released on Steam; however, the road getting here should not have taken this long and the Steam community should not be treated as an after-thought," reads one review.

"It's the EXACT same version that was last updated in October last year and even that update was literally nothing," reads another.

And while it's playable on Steam Deck, the games have not been fully optimised.

Rockstar apologised for the state of the release back in 2021, but it appears many of the trilogy's issues have not been fixed.

Rumours of a PC release of the trilogy circulated earlier this week, expected to hit the Epic Game Store. That will still follow later this month.