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How to mark enemies in Fortnite

Including easy methods to mark enemies.

You can mark enemies in Fortnite to track people, show teammates where to shoot, and complete challenges.

We've detailed how to mark enemies in Fortnite below, along with the easiest methods for marking enemies if you're trying to do it to complete challenges.

If you'd like to get to grips with more mechanics, we've also got explainers on Augments, gold bars, and how to get XP fast.

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How to mark enemies in Fortnite

There are a number of ways you can mark enemies in Fortnite, including:

  • Using the 'Place Marker' button (left on the d-pad for consoles, middle button on the mouse by default on PC)
  • Claiming Capture Points
  • Activating marking Augments
  • Using the Falcon Scout

The Recon Scanner was also able to mark enemies, but as time of writing, it's been vaulted.

Anything that pings and places a red marker above an enemy counts as marking an enemy. It depends on the specific challenge whether marking characters and animals counts, but if you're having trouble, we suggest at least trying them if you're struggling to mark other players.

There also might be a slight delay in updating your progress if you're trying to mark enemies for a challenge.

Claiming Capture Points will briefly mark nearby enemies.

Apart from challenges, marking enemies is incredibly useful if you're playing in duos, trios, and squads, as it's a great way to show your team where the enemies are. It's also useful if playing solo, as the red marker above an enemies head stays for a while, letting you either plan your attack, or come up with a route to avoid trouble.

If you want to consistently mark an enemies location, you'll want to use the two best methods...

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Easy methods to mark enemies in Fortnite

If you want to scan a large area and mark enemies for yourself and teammates, there are two easy methods to mark enemies in Fortnite:

  • Using the Falcon Scout
  • Activating marking Augments

Of these two methods, we recommend using the Falcon Scout to easily mark enemies in Fortnite, as you can ping as much as you like - as long as you don't fly the falcon too far away. As animals sometimes count towards completing challenges, it's very easy to find one and keep marking it with the falcon to speed up challenge completion time.

Falcon Scouts can be found as loot on the ground, in regular chests, Oathbound chests, and supply drops.

Once you've found a Falcon Scout, equip it and then deploy it by pressing the shoot button. You can then press the 'Scan for enemies' button to start marking nearby enemies. The scan for enemies button is R2 on PlayStation, RT on Xbox, ZR on Switch, and the left mouse button on PC.

You need to rely on some luck to get an Augment that marks enemies for you, but you can reroll an Augment selection once for free per match. Any extra rerolls will then cost 100 gold bars.

There are two Augments that can mark enemies in Fortnite:

  • Bloodhound
  • Storm Mark

With Bloodhound active, enemies hit by your marksman rifle or bow shots are marked for a brief duration. Storm Mark is the better of the two for marking, however, as when the storm changes, it pings the area to highlight nearby enemies for a short duration.

Good luck marking enemies in Fortnite! If you would like to learn more about the battle royale, visit our guides on how to get XP fast, character locations, and animal locations.