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Fortnite animal locations and where to find sky-jellies, chickens, crows, and frogs

Where to find all types of wildlife and what they drop.

Animals were introduced to Fortnite at the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 6, finally bringing wildlife to the island.

To benefit from their varied loot and other features you'll need to know sky-jellies, chickens, birds, and frog locations in Fortnite.

We've detailed all the current animal locations below, as well as other important information you should know about wildlife in Chapter 4 Season 2.

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Animals and animal locations in Fortnite explained

Animals and wildlife refer to the four creatures that intermittently wander about the map: chickens, birds, sky-jellies, and frogs.

Killing different types of animals in Fortnite will reward you with different loot - mostly meat, but killing crows and chickens can also reward you with weapons. Sky-jellies will give you shield and launch you into the air when you walk into them.

Animals can appear all over the map, but since they have the ability to wander, might not always be in the same place every match. Depending on the type of animal, they might also prefer some location types over others.

Although not guaranteed, some specific locations are worth a visit if you're looking for a certain type of animal.

Here are the prefered locations for animals (if they have one) in Fortnite:

  • Chickens are more likely to be located on or around farm areas and the countryside. Think Frenzy Fields. The snow biome is also a great place to look, especially in the area between Lonely Labs and Slappy Shores.
  • Frogs like to hop about near water, like rivers. There's a lake South of Anvil Square, and a pond in Frenzy Fields that's worth checking.
  • Sky-jellies are found in the areas between named locations. They are always found in large groups, and will float in the air, and give out a blue glow. Using an Augment to ping nearby enemies will mark sky-jellies and make them easier to see.
You can find lone animals walking about the island.

If you're going hunting, then we recommend ensuring you have the game's Sound Effects turned up to 100%, because each animal has a specific sound which you'll be able to hear when ones close by - whether you can see it or not.

Turning on 'Visualize Sound Effects' in the sound settings can also help you locate animals in Fortnite by displaying the direction they are in on your HUD when you're close to one.

Turn on 'Visualize Sound Effects' to locate animals quicker.

Fortnite animal loot drops

Every animal you kill in Fortnite will drop different types of loot, which you can use to gain health and shields. Some animals even drop weapons when eliminated.

Here's what loot you can get for killing every type of animal in Fortnite:

Fortnite animal Loot dropped
x1 meat
x1 meat
If glowing purple will drop an Epic weapon
If glowing orange will drop a Legendary weapon
Bird (crow)
x2 meat
If glowing purple will drop an Epic weapon
If glowing orange will drop a Legendary weapon

The sky-jelly is a slightly different case here. You don't really kill them. Instead, touching them causes them to burst, throwing you upwards into the air and granting some shield.

Fortnite chicken locations

If you're looking for chickens in Fortnite, then it's a good idea to visit one of the farms, a wooded area, or simply walk across the countryside. You can encounter both groups of chickens, usually between two or three, or a single one, so it usually shouldn't be too long until you find one. Try looking at Frenzy Fields.

When a chicken is nearby you'll be able to hear them clucking, so make sure you head towards that sound if you're hunting animals. A chicken symbol will also appear on your HUD if you have the 'Visualize Sound Effects' option turned on.

Chickens are not aggressive animals, but can ram you if you get too close sometimes. Usually, they will quickly run away, so we recommend hunting them as quickly as possible to avoid losing your prey or attracting the attention of another player.

Chickens can be used to glide if you pick them up.

Chickens can also be used to fly about the map Legend of Zelda style - just make sure you jump from a higher area or else you won't be going anywhere.

Once you've killed a chicken, it will drop one piece of meat, which can be used as a healing item. If you're lucky to come across a glowing purple chicken, it will also drop an Epic weapon, and glowing orange chickens will drop a legendary weapon.

Fortnite bird locations

Birds, also known as crows, are passive animals that fly about the skies of the Fortnite map, but can be tricky to find as they don't have any particular spawn location. To help locate birds, make sure you have the 'Visualize Sound Effects' option turned on to see a bird symbol appear on your HUD when one is nearby.

If you spot a bird, it's easiest to eliminate it once it has landed on the ground or perched on a structure, as it is easier to aim when the crow is stationary. Although, you don't want the crow to get away, it doesn't have a lot of health, so if you have a weapon you're confident with, it's best to shoot the bird straight away for loot.

Eliminating a bird will drop two pieces of meat as loot, which can be used as a health item. If you come across a glowing purple bird, it will also drop an Epic weapon, and glowing orange birds will drop a legendary weapon.

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Fortnite frog locations

Due to their small size, frogs are one of the harder animals to find in Fortnite. Your best bet is to head to an area close to water, like riverbeds, and listen for the sound of their croaks. A frog symbol will also appear on your HUD if you have the 'Visualize Sound Effects' option turned on.

The riverbanks near The Citadel are among the best places to look, as frogs will spawn around the water.

Frogs can be quite fast.

While frogs will never attack you and can be killed with one bullet, they can jump quite fast. For this reason, it's a good idea to follow a frog at a distance until it stops moving, giving you the opportunity to quickly shoot it.

Afterwards, the frog will drop one piece of meat, which can be used as a healing item.

Fortnite sky-jelly locations

Finally, let's take a look at sky-jellies. These creatures can be found all over the map, but tend to be found at higher spawn rates in the yellow/orange biome on the map. This means the forests around Anvil Square and The Citadel, as well as the southeastern region of the map. We've marked some locations below, though note that they are not always found in the same spots.

Have fun hunting wildlife in Fortnite!

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