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Here's Toto's Africa fully recreated in Minecraft with note and command blocks

Hurry, boy, it's waiting there for you.

Someone has recreated a complete rendition of Toto's Africa using pixel art and Minecraft note blocks.

The project - which took over three months to complete - uses 17,000 note blocks and 19,000 block commands to bring this evocative rock ballard to life, and even includes an accompanying pixel music and lyric video. Enjoy:

Toto - Africa in note blocks with pixel animation.Watch on YouTube

"After 3 months I finally finished this project!" the creator announced on Reddit. "Here's a snippet of Totos Africa in note blocks and command blocks."

When an amazed commenter said they couldn't even "use the 'Fill command', the composer had encouraging words to share:

"Lol keep trying! Honestly I started at the same place and little parts of concepts just eventually started clicking after tons of practice and failing. This project for me was a culmination of a bunch of different ideas that I at one point thought were all beyond my capabilities so im really proud of what ive learned. I really encourage you to keep at it! You may surprise yourself with what you can do, I know I did."

"It's the first note block song I've made that used every single fricking note block sound in the game!" they explained in a different response (thanks, NME).

If you're a fan, stop by Reddit and drop an upvote. As another amazed commenter says, "how can y'all even go by on this subreddit and not upvote stuff like this. Bro goes full commitment, three months on a literal work of art. Be a community and show the love, this stuff is impressive".

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