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Minecraft for PS5 is finally here

Creeper hit.

Image credit: Mojang

A native version of Minecraft is finally coming to PS5.

Acknowledging that until now, "the only way to play Minecraft on a PlayStation 5 is by purchasing the PlayStation 4 version of the game", Mojang says that "by developing a native version of Minecraft for PS5, we'll be able to make the game run more effectively on the PS5's hardware, so you can lose your inventory in lava in the smoothest possible way!"

Let's Play Minecraft - Late to the Party.Watch on YouTube

To get involved, you'll need a PS5 – naturally – and the PS4 version of Minecraft. Fire it up, and you'll be able to access the PS5 version by navigating to Settings, and then hit Preview.

After that, you'll be able to access the Tricky Trials Update, try out the trial chambers, visit Realms, meet a breeze, craft a mace, and more.

The preview version is essentially a test build, so you may encounter glitches and bugs that you don't usually see, and you won't have access to the Minecraft Store. You will also be restricted to who you can play multiplayer with – crossplay is only available for friends playing on PS4 and PS5 consoles, although Realms is still available to play with pals on other devices.

Did you catch the news that a new animated Minecraft series has been announced for Netflix? The series – revealed as part of Minecraft's 15th-year anniversary celebrations – was revealed by way of a trailer showing a lone Creeper making its way onto the scene, and then exploding. The camera then pans through a blocky lava-filled cavern in the Nether, before it comes to rest on Netflix's large red 'N' logo perched atop a rock. Bats fly overhead.

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