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Microsoft will soon add AI Copilot to Minecraft offering real-time advice

"Say hello to the future."

Minecraft Dungeons artwork
Image credit: Mojang Studios

Microsoft has shown off how its Copilot AI feature will soon be able to give players a helping hand in games such as Minecraft by offering up real-time advice.

The company shared two videos to its social media account on X last night, demonstrating this feature. In the first video, a person playing Minecraft needs some assistance crafting a sword.

"To craft a sword, you'll need some materials," Copilot says, prompting the player to open their inventory. The Copilot notices the player does not have all the necessary resources available, so offers a suggestion of what to do next.

Let's Play Minecraft - Late to the Party. Watch on YouTube

A second video shared, still with Minecraft as an example, shows the player being besieged by a zombie. The Copilot once again offers up some useful advice to the player. "Run! You need to get away from it fast. Either sprint away or quickly build a tower of blocks straight up to get out of its reach."

You can check out both demonstrations in the embed below.

Microsoft's AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman stated this feature is "taking Copilot to the next level" thanks to its real time assistance.

"Real personality. Effortless interactions. The ability to see what we see. I've long argued that AIs with EQ, IQ and AQ are coming. Here's the first real glimpse of what it's gonna feel like," Suleyman wrote. "It's a magical experience: smart, intuitive, natural, and useful."

AI remains a hot topic within the industry, and earlier this year, a report by game engine maker Unity found 62 percent of studios use AI at some point during game development.

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