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Nyxi releases drift-less GameCube controller for Switch

Nintendo's best just got better.

Peripheral maker Nyxi is releasing a GameCube controller for the Switch.

The Nyxi Wizard Wireless Joy-pad is similar in design to Nintendo's beloved WaveBird controller, with the iconic coloured buttons and giant A. Now it can slot around your Switch screen.

What's more, Nyxi claims the controller won't suffer from Joy-Con drift.

The NYXI WIZARD!Watch on YouTube

That's because the control stick uses a Hall Effect electromagnetic design, meaning the stick never touches the sensor, thereby eliminating drift.

Drift has been a major problem for Nintendo's Joy-Con since the release of the Switch.

Indeed, a UK watchdog claimed that two in five Joy-Cons are affected by drift, while consumer group Which? claimed drift is due to a fundamental design flaw.

Further, the Wizard features removable sticks and replaceable rings, meaning you can alternate between a circular or octagonal ring around the stick.

It also has remappable back buttons, a programmable turbo button, light up buttons, and a battery life reportedly lasting 6.5 hours.

The controller is available on the Nyxi website for $69 (with worldwide shipping, excluding a handful of countries).