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Grab the SteelSeries Prime Mini gaming mouse for just £50 at Box

Mini mouse, major discount.

Finding the right gaming mouse isn't an easy thing, with so many manufacturers like Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries and more competing at the top, there's so many great products to choose from.

In general you want a mouse that's easy to use and not too heavy, and if you have smaller hands you might want a smaller mouse. If that's the case then the Prime Mini mouse from SteelSeries is a great option, and right now it's on sale for half price at Box, which edges it clear of the competition:

SteelSeries Prime Mini FPS Wireless Gaming Mouse- £50 at Box (was £100)

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The Prime Mini is the little sibling of the brilliant SteelSeries Prime Wireless, but that smaller form factor doesn't mean you're going to lose out on features.

The smaller size means the Prime Mini only weighs 73g, compared to the Prime Wireless' 80g, which is a noticeable difference. And even though there's less room inside you still get a battery that can keep going for over 100 hours of high-performance 1000Hz gameplay, plus it has fast-charge capabilities.

The Prime Mini uses SteelSeries' Quantum 2.0 Wireless tech, which offers lag-free gaming with dual channel optimization. It also uses SteelSeries' Prestige Optical Magnetic Switches which they claim are the most consistent and reliable switches for competitive play.

£50 is a great price for a mouse of this quality and size, and it's only £5 more than the lowest price it's reached on Amazon.

There are a lot more discounts like this happening in Box's New Year sale, so make sure you check out their full range of discounts for more PC accessories for less. We've been tweeting some of our favourite New Year's deals over on the Jelly Deals Twitter account too, so be sure to head over and drop us a follow so we can help you save money all throughout 2023.