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Forspoken Tanta Sila boss tips and strategy

How to beat the Tanta of Strength.

Tanta Sila is the first major boss of Forspoken and is also the first Tanta - four powerful women who once ruled the world of Athia who have now become corrupted oppressors - you encounter.

The first time you encounter her in Chapter 3 you don’t actually fight her but rather a Recreat Knight she has sent in her place, so you’ll have to seek her out yourself. But your journey through Athia will lead you to take on the former Tanta of Strength in Chapter 5 of Forspoken.

Powerful in close quarters and from afar, make sure you’re ready to take on this fierce fire-based Tanta.

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How to prepare for Tanta Sila in Forspoken

Tanta Sila is the first major boss you will tackle in Forspoken before Frey unlocks new magic, so preparation is fairly straightforward. Throughout Chapters 4 and 5 you will be journeying through the region of Praenost to the castle where Sila is residing, so it’s recommended that you continue levelling up Frey’s magic and gear. You should also craft healing draughts and increase the maximum number you can carry.

Defeating enemies and completing optional quests and challenges will increase your level providing you more mana points that can be spent upgrading Frey’s Magic skill tree. Mana can also be increased by walking over glowing Mana Pools found all over the world.

Try to upgrade at least one of Frey’s attack spells to Lv. 3. Burst Shot, Scatter Shot, and Shield Shot each have their own advantages depending on your playstyle, but, if you want to guarantee at least dealing some damage before firing off a charged up spell, then Scatter Shot is the way to go as it fires a steady stream of rocks at your target while charging.

If you unlock Screen, this support magic also summons stones that will shield you against a single attack.

How to defeat Tanta Sila in Forspoken

The boss arena is Praenost Castle’s throne room where Tanta Sila is waiting for you. It’s quite a long room while also a bit narrow considering you’ll be circling around her quite a bit, so, if Sila isn’t in the centre, you might find Frey getting caught on a pillar to the side while circle-dodging.

Sila is capable of summoning fire-based weapons into her hands from thin air, which makes her formidable up close, though she’ll also shoot fireballs from a distance, or even summon molten rocks to drop on you.

While locked on to Sila, you can just dash around or away to dodge most of Sila’s projectiles or swings of her fire blade. You can safely pelt her with your magic from a distance, although you’ll inflict more damage if you can get behind her. There are moments when she’ll stand on the spot either to taunt you or charge up her next attack giving you a good window to do this.

It also doesn’t hurt to throw out other support magic you have that can deal some extra damage, including tendrils or implant, which then also charges up your Surge Magic so you can hit her with Genesis. When you’ve inflicted enough damage, Sila is also open to a killer blow so when this prompt appears, make sure you’re in close range to deliver some extra damage.

Once you’ve taken about a third of Sila’s health, a cutscene will trigger to signal the next phase of the fight. You’ve broken a part of her mask and pissed her off now, so she’ll start to fight dirty by summoning shielded minions to battle (the ones that have been standing as statues to the side the whole time).

She starts this phase by unleashing a massive fireball straight at you so make sure to dodge this. Otherwise, her attacks are similar to before albeit with some enhancements, such as a melee fire axe attack where she also leaps into the air comes down with AOE damage, while fire arrows also rain down from above. There’s, of course, also some annoying soldiers at her behest.

You can whittle down the soldiers, although dispatching them means using up stamina to get behind their shields, and it can be annoying trying to get the lock-on targeting, and Sila can still jump in with melee attacks while you’re not looking.

Instead, it’s better to just focus on Sila and continue chipping away at her health, trying to get your most powerful attacks while behind her. She’s also got no qualms with friendly fire, so her raging attacks can knock down her minions for you. Nonetheless, binding and tendril support magic will come in useful for crowd control.

After another third of Sila’s health has been taken down, another cutscene will trigger. The arena transforms into a blue highly corrupted area, which also means Sila is even more powerful in her flaming enraged state. Unfortunately, her health bar is also refilled for this phase, but this is also the last phase so you’re almost there.

On top of her previous attacks, she now rains down large balls of fire, while also having pockets of fire erupt from the ground, which you have to watch out for especially if you’re trying to circle-dodge around her.

Once Sila is down to half her health, she’ll cast a spell that sets the whole floor in flames, which will chip away at your health, so get to higher ground. The arena’s pillars that have been knocked down during this phase can be used as platforms. She’ll also warp around the arena, firing off more projectiles, but, as long as you’re on a platform, you can safely continue firing your own spells at her.

When the flames have disappeared from the ground, she’ll revert back to her usual attacks, including dropping large homing fireballs, so be sure you have enough stamina to dodge these, or have some healing draughts to recover.

After a while, she’ll warp to one end of the arena and begin the flaming floor phase again, so get back to higher ground, keep track of her as she warps and continue unleashing your attacks spells. She’ll repeat these phases until you finally take her down.

Forspoken has arrived and we have boss strategies to help you defeat Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav, the Senseless Savant and the final boss. Before facing these bosses, however, you may want to learn how to craft, upgrade your gear and find all of the Founts of Blessings. Meanwhile, understanding fast travel and clearing Monuments will also help you in Fray's journey across Athia.

Forspoken Tanta Sila reward

With Tanta Sila defeated, she will drop her own bracelet, which Frey picks up and absorbs. You’ve now unlocked Sila’s fire-based magic set for your own, which includes being able to summon a flaming sword for slicing enemies in melee combat.

With the Mana you’ve earned, you can upgrade this skill tree with more magic, such as summoning magical spears for ranged attacks or summoning a legion of fiery soldiers to assist you. Don’t forget some skills also allow you to convert back to Mana, so if you’re short, you can always revert some of Frey’s Magic and use the Mana to upgrade Sila’s Magic.

With Sila’s Magic, you’re more powerful and ready to take on the remaining three Tantas.

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