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Forspoken director promises patch to address performance, playability, more

"We are committed to making Forspoken the most enjoyable experience possible".

Forspoken director Takeshi Aramaki has confirmed a patch is currently in the works to address a wide range of issues following the game's mixed reception.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Aramaki wrote, "We've been listening to all your feedback and are hard at work on an upcoming patch that will include improvements to overall performance, graphics, playability, and general updates and fixes to the game content across PS5 and various PC hardware configurations".

Aramaki didn't go into specifics, but Forspoken has been criticised both from a gameplay and technical perspective since launch, with Digital Foundry having particularly stern words for the PC release, calling it a "confusing, deeply disappointing port" in its tech review.

Cover image for YouTube videoForspoken PC - DF Tech Review - DirectStorage Tested, RT Upgrades and More
Forspoken PC - Digital Foundry Tech Review.

There's no hint of an ETA for the newly promised patch, but Aramaki says the team is "committed to making Forspoken the most enjoyable experience possible", with more information regarding the update's timing due to be released "as soon as possible".

Despite the game's launch woes, Eurogamer contributor Henry Stockdale was "pleasantly surprised" by Forspoken in his review, writing, "This story takes time to get going, and while the writing doesn't always land, there's plenty to enjoy even if the numerous ups and downs make Forspoken hard to universally recommend. Still, thanks to its robust character development, detailed worldbuilding, and stylish combat, there are elements here that are still worth a look".