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How to Fast Travel in Forspoken

Fast Travel is the easiest way to get around Athia

Fast Travel in Forspoken is the easiest (and fastest) way to get around Athia quickly. There's a lot for you to explore throughout the game, and Fast Travel is by far the easiest way to jump around between the different areas that you've discovered.

It can be particularly useful if you know that a certain area has an item you want, or if you want to heal up after a major battle. This is why we're going to show you how to Fast Travel in Forspoken, how to unlock it and we explain what Pilgrims Refuges are too.

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How unlock Fast Travel in Forspoken

To unlock Fast Travel in Forspoken, you'll need to have found your way out of Cipal during 'Frey's Journey: Her Father's Findings' and find a Pilgrims Refuge.

Once you come out of Cipal and vault the wall next to your first Fount of Blessing (keep following the main quest marker for this), you'll see a small building to your left. This is your first Pilgrims Refuge. This happens roughly four hours into the main story.

Now that you've found one, you need to activate it if you want to use Fast Travel. To activate the Pilgrims Refuge you need to walk inside it. You must do this for every Refuge you find. If you don't do this, the Refuge will not show up on your map and you will not be able to use it to Fast Travel.

Forspoken, the image shows a bed in a Refuge.
You can rest here without worrying about any monsters attacking you.

How to Fast Travel in Forspoken

To fast travel in Forspoken, you need to find special buildings and locations across the map. However, you will first need to unlock Fast Travel by discovering your first Pilgrims Refuge building.

Forspoken, a view of the inside of a Refuge.
Pilgrims Refuges often have Healing Draughts in them, so it's worth looking around.

Other ways to Fast Travel in Forspoken

Once you have found your first Pilgrims Refuge, you can then Fast Travel to certain settlements and points on the map. That being said, Pilgrims Refuges are the safest places to Fast Travel to if you need to heal, craft, or upgrade your gear.


A good early example of being able to Fast Travel to a settlement is Cipal. If you head to the close-up map and hover over the icon in the middle of Cipal, you will be prompted to Fast Travel to it. Use the indicated command and you will instantly end up at that location.

Belfry Towers

You may have come across imposing Gold Towers as you travel across Athia too. These are Belfry Towers, and you need to 'discover' them to use them as a Fast Travel destination. They're extremely useful to visit because they also give you extra information for your map.

Forspoken, a Gold Belfry Tower sitting on a rock

To discover a Belfry in Forspoken, you need to walk into the center of the Tower and scan the area using Cuff. You should notice that your map has suddenly gained numerous new points of interest in the area. Also, if you hover over the Belfry marker on the map, the prompt to use Fast Travel should appear.

Forspoken has arrived and we have boss strategies to help you defeat Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav, the Senseless Savant and the final boss. Before facing these bosses, however, you may want to learn how to craft, upgrade your gear and find all of the Founts of Blessings. Meanwhile, understanding fast travel and clearing Monuments will also help you in Fray's journey across Athia.

What are Pilgrims Refuges in Forspoken?

Pilgrims Refuges are small buildings that are similar in structure to Churches, and they provide Frey (and Cuff) with a safe zone to rest in.

Inside a Refuge, Frey can rest on the bed to restore her health back to full capacity. This is useful if you want to preserve your Healing Draughts for your time on the road.

Also, Refuges often contain Crafting Benches for all of your crafting and upgrading needs.

Forspoken, Frey is standing in front of a crafting bench within a Refuge

Note: It's worth taking your time to look around a Refuge, there are often Healing Draughts to be found and notes that give extra context for life in Athia too.

How Pilgrims Refuges look on the Map

Close-up map:

Forspoken, a close-up map view of a Pilgrims Refuge.
A Refuge building stands out on the close-up map.

Area Map

Forspoken, a view of the area map with a circle around a discovered Pilgrims Refuge.
The tick icon next to the Pilgrims Refuge icon means that this has been activated.

World Map of Athia:

Forspoken, a world map view with circles around two Pilgrims Refuges.
The two Pilgrims Refuges on the map above have not been activated yet.

Enjoy exploring Athia!

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