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Forspoken Founts of Blessings locations

How to unlock new magical abilities for Frey explained.

The Founts of Blessing teach Frey a selection of fantastic spells in Forspoken.

These spells, along with the ones accrued by upgrading her skill tree and the new magic sets obtained from defeating the Tantas, will help Frey in her journey through Athia in Forspoken.

Below we have prepared this guide to explain what abilities you can unlock as well as the Founts of Blessing locations in Forspoken.

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Fount of Blessing locations listed by ability:

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Forspoken Founts of Blessing explained

Founts of Blessing are sacred spots that appear as a pool of water with a mysterious glowing light and are usually next to a tree.

When you come across one, you’ll have a prompt to jump into the pool, which unlocks a new spell that Frey can use. The abilities that are unlocked are less of the offensive variety, but include improvements for traversal, exploration, and even crafting.

Founts are grouped according to the magic set they are affiliated with - for instance, spells linked to Frey’s Magic are unlocked from Mulberry Founts. Because these spells are tied to a specific spell set, some founts are only available once you have reached a certain point in the story.

You can actually pinpoint a fount’s location from your Magic menu. Any spell with a question mark is linked to an ability that is unlocked by visiting a fount. Select the question mark and it will show you the ability, and if you tap on the DualSense touch pad it will take you to its location on the map, which you can set a marker for (note that the map will be greyed out if you haven’t been here yet).

Leap Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Leap allows Frey to kick off from a wall in order to climb higher with her magic parkour. It’s also an ability you need to progress in the story so you can’t miss it.

In Chapter 3 when you first leave the city walls of Cipal, you’ll be in an area called Barren Plains. This section is a narrow linear path on a body of water, so you just need to follow this down until you see a conspicuous tree to your left and a wall blocking your path.

By the tree is the fount, so just jump in and you will unlock Frey’s new ability. Leap is the only way to get over the wall in front of you.

Shimmy Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Shimmy lets you accelerate your movement by kicking off from the ground when you land, great for keeping your momentum across long stretches of the map at no cost of stamina. This ability can be unlocked in Chapter 4 once you reach an area in Praenost called The Citadel.

You can reach it from Citadel: Western Refuge while following the critical path that takes you to Citadel: Eastern Refuge. You can set a marker to make it easier to reach, but basically you want to head to higher ground. Coming from the west, you’ll see a rocky bridge-like structure to your right, but you can head straight and parkour up the rocks in front of you and then you’ll reach an open field.

The mulberry fount is just ahead of you on the other side of this field. Take care that while this field has a lot of pretty flowers, there are also corrupt beasts lurking to ambush you, so either fight them or dash straight for the fount.

Burrow Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Burrow is a support spell tied to Frey’s Magic that sends out item-seeking roots. The more loot you find, the more quickly your support magic will recharge. This can also be unlocked in Chapter 4, although it is off the critical path in Praenost.

In the area known as The Guardians’ Way, instead of heading south towards the main route, head northeast where you’ll also pass Dianthus Wood Refuge. Continue through Dianthus Wood and you’ll eventually reach an area called Brass Hollow. You should see tall aqueduct ruins stretched across the map.

Head past here and you’ll come across a tall natural structure of rocks (a rocky hill?). The fount is within the structure, so you can either try to climb up and drop down or just go around. The simplest method is to go around.

If you go around the left of the structure and pass under a wooden bridge, you’ll find from the north side of the structure that there’s a path you can take into the structure and you’ll eventually see the top of a tree that’s next to the fount, which you can drop down to.

Beacon Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Beacon is a support spell that emits light, which increases the speed of your stamina’s regeneration, although it will also make you more visible to enemies. This spell is tied to Sila’s Magic and is unlocked Chapter 6 onwards once you have defeated Tanta Sila.

The fount of blessing you’ll unlock it from is actually near Praenost Castle, but will require you to go over the garrison wall and head to an area called The Mustering Ground southwest of the castle. The garrison wall is high so you may find it easier to unlock the Soar ability before reaching it.

Once you’re over the wall, feel free to make a beeline for the fount marker. As this area is a place that can be susceptible to becoming more corrupt, with the surroundings plunged in a blue hue, it’s recommended to not get distracted by other points of interest. It will be quite the spring, though Shimmy should help, but you’ll eventually reach the fount of blessing, ideally jumping off a cliff with the tree right beneath you.

Soar Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Soar is an upgrade over Leap in that you can use Frey’s magic parkour to kick off to even higher areas. It’s tied to Sila’s Magic unlocked after Chapter 5 and the Fount of Blessing to unlock it can be found in the Avoalet region, accessible from Chapter 7.

You’ll find it in the region’s first area called The Water Garden. After passing Water Garden: Central Refuge and Water Garden: Central Belfry, you’ll reach Merveil Bridge. If you look to the right of the bridge, you’ll actually be able to see the fount (or rather the tree next to it) in the distance.

Drop down from the bridge and be sure to use Zip to break your falls, then you can pretty much spring towards it with relative ease.

Forspoken has arrived and we have boss strategies to help you defeat Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav, the Senseless Savant and the final boss. Before facing these bosses, however, you may want to learn how to craft, upgrade your gear and find all of the Founts of Blessings. Meanwhile, understanding fast travel and clearing Monuments will also help you in Fray's journey across Athia.

Rush Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Rush is a traversal ability that’s similar to Shimmy in that you can continue moving across Athia at high speed without using up more stamina, but one that you can activate while still running on the ground.

The Fount of Blessing can be found in Avoalet from Chapter 7, but off the main story path to the southwest in an area called Golden Hills. It’s on the other side of the valley from where you’re coming from the northwest after Golden Hills: Southern Belfry.

Once you’ve gone down the valley, reaching the fount on the other side is fortunately quite direct as you’ll see sharp glowing rocks jutting out from the side of the hill you can use to zip up. After you’ve reached the first level, a second level of the hill can be easily climbed up with Soar, as with the third - alternatively, you can also take a long route on the left as a path will lead you up - which is where the fount is.

Fortify Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Fortify is different from previous abilities unlocked from the founts of blessing as it actually improves your crafting skills, so you can now use materials to improve the defence of your cloak and necklace.

The ability is tied to Prav’s Magic, unlocked after Chapter 8. If you’re following the story immediately after the showdown with Tanta Prav, you may find that you won’t be free to find this fount of blessing until Chapter 11.

The fount is located in Avoalet to the west of the Water Garden in an area called The Windy Hills. The easiest way to reach this area from Water Garden: Western Belfry is head northwest, so that you go around the tall cliff face in front taking you through an area called Shepherd’s Meadow. Southwest of this area is an abandoned village called Graenn. Continue west past here until you reach some tall rocks ahead.

You can parkour up these rocks to higher ground until you reach what feels like a complete rocky dead end. So where is the fount of blessing? If you’re facing the rocks then turn right, you’ll see there is a cave entrance with light. Follow it and inside you’ll find the fount of blessing glowing, and this time without a tree next to it!

Alb Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Another spell from Prav’s Magic, Alb is a life-saving support spell that will significantly reduce any damage Frey receives from a single incoming unblockable or piercing attack, which will come in useful against the harder hitting enemies as you near the end game.

The fount of blessing for this spell is in Visoria, which means it’s only accessible from Chapter 11. Follow the story path en route through Visorian Plateau when you are making your way to Visoria Castle. Once you’re in a sort of large courtyard, referred to on the map as Visoria Castel: Main Gate, you will need to fight a series of enemies and destroy the lanterns controlling them before you can get past the gate to get into the castle town.

However, when you’ve completed this challenge, instead of heading to the gate in front of you, turn to your right and you will see another door north of this courtyard. Go through this door and follow the path, where you’ll also pass a Monument of Strength.

This path will take you down with some pretty long drops, so bear right where there’s considerably more platforms you can drop down more safely from. The fount of blessing is also more towards the end of this path overlooking a cliff edge, with the accompanying tree quite visible.

Float Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Float is another ability belonging to Prav’s Magic set and is incredibly useful for exploration as it lets you float in the air, finally preventing you from depleting your stamina or suffering fall damage from long drops, although it costs stamina to use. You can also move while in midair so if you’ve got enough stamina you can also float across long gaps when Shimmy or Zip isn’t enough.

This ability’s fount of blessing can also be found in Visoria from Chapter 11, requiring a lengthy detour away from the story path. When you’ve reached Visorian Plateau, instead of making your way towards the castle gate, head southeast so that you reach Academy Hills, then continue south in this region until you reach an area called Inner Visoria.

From Inner Visoria Refuge, bear right along the cliff barriers, and you’ll eventually get to turn right down a path. This will be a narrow path flanked by cliff walls that’s also gradually leading you downwards until you’re basically in an underground cavern. It will be the second right, because there’s a right turn just before this that’s a dead end with ruins - though do stop by to pick up some mana pools.

Keep running until you reach the very end to find the fount of blessing. This is another one without a tree next to it but the glowing light should be very visible even while you’re still heading towards it from a distance. Be sure to collect all the mana pools lighting up the area as well.

Spoof Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Spoof is an ability that lets you evade an enemy attack but also leave behind a decoy copy of yourself, which should come in helpful against crowds of enemies. This ability belongs to Olas’s magic set, which means you can only unlock it at the end of Chapter 11. Note that if you do not look for the fount of blessing before you finish the chapter you will not have the chance to unlock it after you have completed Forspoken’s story.

The location of this fount is in Junoon in an area called Physic Garden. It’s just north of Junoon Castle, which is where you were when you first came to Athia, and fortunately not too far from where you will be when given control again at the very end of Chapter 11.

From Castle Junoon, or rather from Physic Garden Belfry right next to it, head north and you’ll pass an abandoned village called Maaf. Up ahead is a higher area with a cliff face that you’ll be able to zip up via the jagged crystal rocks. Head along here and when it’s time to drop back down you should see a bright tree and the glowing fount of blessing ahead of you at lower ground.

Suppression Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Suppression is a support spell that makes Frey virtually invisible to the enemy’s eye until you move. It’s similar to one of the abilities used by Senseless Savant, so naturally it’s part of Olas’s Magic, meaning it’s also only available from the end of Chapter 11.

The fount of blessing for this ability can be found in Avoalet in an area called the Moulderings to the very southeast of the region. To reach it, you first need to go from Samum Coast, which is also where Avoalet Castle is where you previously fought Tanta Prav.

Left of the castle entrance, you can hop down to rock platforms below to reach the lake. Upgrading the Glide skill by completing its spellcraft challenge is recommended, so that you don’t have to use any stamina and can literally coast along the water all the way to the east of the region.

Once you reach the rocky cliffs at the far end, you’ll find a refuge in the very south but, unfortunately, you won’t find a route that can take you all the way up those cliffs to your destination. So how do you climb up? Head back into the water and glide northwards until you come to a little gap in the rocks where you can parkour onto.

From this rock you should be able to jump across and parkour onto another rock with enough space for you to stand on and from there work your way up to land. You’ll then be able to parkour up some more rock platforms, gradually working your way up this cliff edge. It’s not completely straightforward and will require turning around another direction, but the key is to find another rock platform that’s not too tall for you to parkour up with Frey’s abilities. Eventually, you’ll reach the top and be able to cross over to The Moulderings east of Samum Coast.

Once in The Moulderings, it’s a straightforward case of heading southeast, and, if you bear left, you’ll follow a path that takes you to lower ground. This area will gradually narrow, and, while you can zip back up to higher at this point, it’s fine to follow this path until you see an even narrower path, almost a crevice, to your left with a bridge above it. Go through here then follow the cliff around to the left and you’ll eventually reach an opening. Head straight here and you’ll see the fount of blessing in front of you in an isolated space you can easily parkour up to.

Diversify Fount of Blessing location in Forspoken

Diversify unlocks a new crafting skill allowing you to add a fourth passive skill or perk to a necklace. This is not only another of Olas’s Magic, but the last of the magic abilities unlocked with a fount of blessing.

This fount is technically in Junoon at the most northern point of Athia, however in order to reach this location you actually have to go via a long detour from Avoalet. You’ll be passing through Shepherd’s Meadow, an area you will have previously passed when looking for the fount of blessing to unlock Fortify.

From Shepherd’s Meadow: Eastern Belfry, follow the path northwest until you reach the Western Belfry. North of here the path narrows. Follow it to reach an area called The Wolfwoods. Continue north until it seems like you reach a cliff face dead end, but, if you can’t go up, you can go down. Northeast of this area you’ll come to a depths of corruption, similar to the ones you’ll have gone through in the story when reaching the Tantas. Jump in and it will take you to an area called Crosstide Coast, which is also actually part of Junoon.

From here drop down until you hit the huge lake. Again make sure you’ve upgraded Glide because you have quite a way to go along the water so this will make things quick and convenient. Rather than explore the whole of the area, you just need to head north, sticking to the cliff walls to your left. When you reach the far end, you’ll see a higher area where you can use a jagged crystal rock on the side to zip up.

Once up, follow the path and you’ll come to Fort Chahiye where you can clear out the enemies or ignore if you just want to make for the fount of blessing instead, though it might be in your interest to complete the challenge to get rid of the high corruption caused by these enemies’ presence and improve visibility in the area.

If you’re going straight for the fount though, then parkour up the fort walls, using nearby pillars to give you more height to scale them. Head northward to one of the surrounding high rock platforms and there’s a crystal rock you can use to zip yourself up to the top.

Once you’re well above the fort, you just need to cross from one rock platform to the even higher one, which your zip, parkour and float skills should easily be able to carry you over to where the fount of blessing is located.

If you’ve visited all the other founts of blessing in this guide then congratulations, that’s all of them! You’ll also unlock the silver trophy, ‘Call of the Fount: Beatified’ for your trouble.

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