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How to complete Labyrinths in Forspoken and rewards explained

Take the plunge and you will be rewarded.

Labyrinths in Forspoken are yet another side quest that you can take yourself off on when you feel like it. They're optional but highly worth doing due to the rewards you can gain from them.

If you choose to venture into one as you travel around Athia in Forspoken, then there's a few things you should know first. They are similar in design, but their contents vary drastically too. Without further ado, we're going to show you how to complete Labyrinths and we explain their rewards too.

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Forspoken Labyrinths Explained

Labyrinths are side quests that you can quite literally dive into. They're a set of rooms and hallways that are filled with numerous enemies, as well as treasures such as Healing Draughts.

We strongly advise that you explore a Labyrinth each time you come across one as you play through the story. The rewards that they offer are highly beneficial to making Frey stronger.

Forspoken, a return plinth in a Labyrinth
This is a return plinth, there are plenty of these in every Labyrinth.

Also, they're tailored to the level that you've set the game at, but if you find them too difficult then you can always return to the entrance above ground by using one of the stone plinths.

If you successfully survive until the end of a Labyrinth, you'll face a boss. Once you beat this boss, you'll earn the final reward.

How to complete Labyrinths in Forspoken

To complete a Labyrinth in Forspoken, you first need to find the entrance to it. This is the surface structure for a Labyrinth:

Forspoken, the surface entrance and building for a Labyrinth
A rather unassuming structure, but don't be fooled.

When you head into the surface structure, this is how the entrance should look:

Forspoken, the portal entrance for a Labyrinth
If you're not ready, you can always come back later.

To enter the Labyrinth, you'll need to stand in the center of the glowing section and use the prompted command to 'Dive In'. Once you do this, you'll be transported to the depths of the beginning of the Labyrinth.

Follow the Quest Marker

The best way to not get lost inside the Labyrinth is to follow the quest marker. This will guide you from room to room.

You'll pass through corridors and rooms as you explore. Some rooms will have enemies inside them. You'll need to clear these enemies before you can continue exploring.

Forspoken, shadow enemies in a Labyrinth room
Fear is not an option, use Charged Attacks to bring them down.

Some areas in a Labyrinth will splinter off and you'll need to make a choice. We recommend exploring every option as sometimes there will be extra rewards waiting for you.

Forspoken Labyrinth Skeleton
Someone should have told them about return plinths...

If you find that you are stuck and not where you want to be, then look for the return plinths and use them to return to the entrance. From here, you can enter the Labyrinth again from the beginning.

Beat the Boss

Near the end of a Labyrinth, you'll come face to face with a rather big and rather angry boss.

Forspoken, Labyrinth boss Lesser Deinosuchus
Lesser Deinosuchus attacks from the water.

The boss in each Labyrinth varies slightly, but the aim is the same. You need to defeat them to be able to continue to the final room. We strongly recommend topping your health up if it has been worn down through the other rooms before entering the fight.

Charged attacks are best against larger bosses, but be careful, Labyrinth bosses are strong. If you scan the boss with Cuff, you'll be able to see which spells they are immune to so you don't waste your energy on using ones that won't work.

Wear the health bar of the Labyrinth boss down to zero and you'll be able to move on.

The Treasure Room

After you beat the boss, you can then follow the quest marker again as it leads you into the final area of the Labyrinth.

Forspoken final reward room in Labyrinth
If you choose to stay, there is a return plinth in here.

In here, you'll find a large room that's very different from the rest of the rooms. It's adorned with Gold and there is a structure in the center that reacts to your presence.

To complete the Labyrinth, walk up to the structure and interact with the stone tablet. After doing so, you'll gain your reward and be transported back to the entrance.

Forspoken has arrived and we have boss strategies to help you defeat Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav, the Senseless Savant and the final boss. Before facing these bosses, however, you may want to learn how to craft, upgrade your gear and find all of the Founts of Blessings. Meanwhile, understanding fast travel and clearing Monuments will also help you in Fray's journey across Athia.

Forspoken Labyrinth rewards explained

The rewards in Labyrinths in Forspoken vary, but there's an easy way to check what you're going to get for choosing to venture into one.

When you're on the close-up map of the area you're in, zoom in on the icon for the Labyrinth you want to explore. If you hover over the icon, you'll be told what the reward is in purple writing:

Forspoken Labyrinth area map view
The reward for this Labyrinth is a Necklace.

Also, next to the icon for the Labyrinth, there will be a little purple symbol (this does not appear if you've completed the Labyrinth). This purple symbol indicates which reward you can get for completing the Labyrinth, often it is a high-quality piece of Gear for Frey.

Exploring Athia? Check out our guide on how to Fast Travel in Forspoken to learn how to get around the map much faster. Also, take a look at our Forspoken gear guide to learn more about the equipment you can use to make Frey stronger.

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