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Overwatch 2's Battle for Olympus time-limited mode is now live

Wonders never Greece.

Overwatch 2's Battle for Olympus time-limited mode is now live and will run until 19th January.

The "all-new game mode" offers a free-for-all deathmatch that sees players "go head-to-head, wilding the power of Greek gods, goddesses, and creatures" and includes free rewards, challenges, and shop content.

Overwatch 2 Seasonal Event | Battle for Olympus 2023.Watch on YouTube

Featuring Poseidon Ramattra, Zeus Junker Queen, Minotaur Reinhardt, Cyclopes Roadhog, Hades Pharah, Medusa Widowmaker, and Hermes Lucio, each hero has a unique "divine" ability for the event.

"Battle for Olympus will feature seven heroes that get special powers when they activate their divine ultimates that stack new effects on top of the ability," Activision Blizzard explains. "Alongside their divine ultimates, heroes have unique interactions with one another as they ascend from mortal to myth in Battle for Olympus.

"The hero with the highest number of kills overall from the event will have their statue placed on the Ilios Ruins arena map to commemorate their victory."

After 10 days, Overwatch 2 had 25 million players, and thanks to Activision Blizzard's third-quarter financial report, we know that the game clocked up 35 million players in its first month.

It's not been a trouble-free launch, however; Blizzard recently released a new blog update for Overwatch 2, publicly acknowledging that the team isn't "completely satisfied with how everything feels right now", with Blizzard now looking at the "[opportunities] for improvement that [it needs] to focus on". Furthermore, Blizzard has begun deploying audio transcription to help combat abuse and toxicity in Overwatch 2's voice chat.

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