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Overwatch 2 had 35m players in first month

Free-to-play model has "driven community engagement".

Artwork for Overwatch 2 showing a selection of its heroes posing dramatically against a reddening sky.
Image credit: Blizzard

Activision Blizzard revealed Overwatch 2 has proved very popular since its release on 4th October.

After 10 days, Overwatch 2 had 25 million players. Thanks to Activision Blizzard's third quarter financial report, we know that the game had 35 million players in its first month.

The report goes on to state the daily average number of players for Overwatch 2's first month are "more than double" the number the first Overwatch saw in the same period.

Cover image for YouTube videoRamattra Origin Story | Overwatch 2
Ramattra's origin story.

Blizzard attributed the higher numbers to the free-to-play model Overwatch 2 launched with. It also stated many of the 35 million players were new to Overwatch. With such a huge player count, the company said it expects the game to "be a meaningful contributor to Blizzard's business" in the upcoming months.

Blizzard said it has an "ambitious" roadmap ahead for regular seasonal updates, including new characters, map and modes, and PvE mode. Overwatch 2's next content update will include a new hero, Ramattra, to the roster.

It's also been reported that Blizzard has been surveying Overwatch 2 players on microtransactions and the in-game store, where it's likely the company is hoping to generate revenue.