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Bungie explains Destiny 2 outage this week

Progress rolled back.

Bungie has released a blog post explaining the reasoning behind an outage of the game this week that's caused players to lose progress.

On 24th January, Hotfix was released but Bungie later announced it would be taking the game offline to "investigate an ongoing issue causing certain Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts to lose progress for players", as per this tweet.

Now the game is back up and running, but players have lost progress in the process and purchases during this time have been refunded.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall - The Game Awards Trailer

"We discovered that the issue was caused when some currently incompletable EDZ and Nessus Triumphs were moved from Forsaken into the archived Triumphs section," explains Bungie in a new blog post.

"To make that change, we used a tool that can move player state from one location to another in the player's account. This tool is very powerful but requires careful and cautious handling. Due to a configuration error, we accidentally re-ran an older state migration process used for the Beyond Light release. As a result, we ended up re-copying old data from before Beyond Light into the current configuration, essentially undoing certain aspects of player progression since then.

"Once we identified that the issue resulted in a loss of player state, we took the game down and rolled back the player database while we investigated how to remove the dangerous change from the build. Last night we constructed a patch for that removed the specific change that was causing the issue, tested it, and deployed it to live.

"As a result of this fix, all player accounts had to be rolled back to 8:20 AM PST on January 24. This means that any progress made between 8:20 and 11 AM was lost, and all purchases refunded."

The blog post also details a few upcoming content changes and final amendments ahead of the release of Lightfall. Full details here.

Lightfall will arrive on 28th February, bringing a new cyberpunk aesthetic and story missions against the Shadow Legion.