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You can get 13 superb Wadjet Eye point-and-click adventures for £8 right now

As part of latest Humble Bundle.

Here's a bit of an irresistable deal for point-and-click adventure fans: you can currently get 13 titles from publisher and developer Wadjet Eye Games' library of superb point-and-click adventures for just £8, courtesy of Humble Bundle.

Wadjet Eye, if you're unfamiliar, has been releasing highly acclaimed, old-school-inspired point-and-click adventures - complete with some gorgeous pixel art - since 2006. The studio's earliest titles - namely Shivah, which explores themes around the Jewish faith, and the entire Blackwell supernatural detective series - are all present and correct in Humble's latest bundle.

And it continues, serving up some real gems as the bundle shifts through sci-fi - in Resonance, TechnoBabylon, and Gemini Rue - to post-apocalyptic nightmare in Shardlight and Promordia to something altogether weirder with Wormwood Studios' acclaimed Strangeland, in which a man must unravel his past while exploring a terrifyingly surreal carnival.

Cover image for YouTube videoUnavowed launch trailer
Wadjet Eye's Unavowed is a real highlight.

Arguably the highlight, though, is Wadjet Eye's 2018 urban fantasy treat Unavowed, which follows a character who's spent the last year terrorising New York City in a demonically possessed frenzy - and who now, after intervention from a crack team of supernatural specialists, finds themselves in the employ of an ancient, evil-battling secret society, ready to right their recent mistakes. It's ambitious, irresistibly pacy, and wonderfully written stuff.

And if all that wasn't enough to be getting on with, your £8 also gets you 33% off last year's excellent Wadjet-Eye-published folk horror The Excavation of Hob's Barrow. Developed by Cloak and Dagger Games, Eurogamer liked Hob's Barrow a lot when we reviewed it last year, slapping its tale of windswept mystery with a Recommended badge.

Humble's Wadjet Eye bundle will be available for the next 20 days, and all included games can be redeemed on Steam.