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Xbox Oreo packs to unlock Halo, Sea of Thieves, Forza cosmetics


Limited edition Xbox-branded Oreo packs will let you unlock cosmetic rewards in Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and Sea of Thieves.

Each Oreo cookie contained in the brand's special Xbox packs will be stamped with a design that features one of several controller buttons - A, B, X and Y, plus a directional arrow.

The idea here is that these button combinations can be arranged, cheat code style, into codes which you can redeem on the Xbox Oreo website for the cosmetics in question.

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Rewards include "exciting, exclusive Oreo-themed in-game content, such as armor packs and vehicle skins", Xbox said in its announcement post, which states we should expect Xbox-branded packs to go on sale this month.

A UK website to redeem rewards has already popped up, with rewards set to be redeemable here from next Monday, 16th January.

Here's a look at the rewards in question. After my annual Christmas chocolate binge, I'm not sure these are quite enough to get me buying:

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Oreo skins.
Halo Infinite Xbox Oreo skins.
Image credit: Microsoft
Sea of Thieves Xbox Oreo skins.

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