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Square Enix battles more Forspoken leaks

Final boss has been foretold.

The final boss of Forspoken has leaked online ahead of the game's release tomorrow.

Last week the game's opening leaked, showing Frey's early hours in the land of Athia.

Now that's been bookended with the finale, which can be seen on reddit.

Forspoken - PC Features HighlightWatch on YouTube

Leaks of the game have been removed and then resurfaced as Square Enix battles to keep Frey's journey a secret before Forspoken is officially released.

It'll arrive on PlayStation 5 as a console exclusive (plus PC) tomorrow, 24th January.

A demo is already available on PS5, which was recently updated to fix various technical issues.

The eye-watering PC specs have also been released.

Digital Foundry has already done a breakdown of the game's various graphical modes so you can better choose how to experience Athia's visuals.