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This Crucial P3 Plus 4TB NVMe SSD for £263 is an absolute steal from Amazon

A mega amount of storage for a whole lot less.

The slew of PCIe Gen 4 capable SSD deals has shown no sign of slowing down, and it's back to a specific Crucial drive for my next trick, given a healthy reduction on the firm's P3 Plus PCIe 4.0 SSD in 4TB form - it's over £100 off! It's available to nab for £263 or so from Amazon, which works out to 65p per GB - not bad.

The P3 Plus may be one of Crucial's more affordable NVME SSDs, thanks to its DRAM-less design, but as a PCIe 4.0 drive it's one of their fastest too. Respective read and write speeds of 5000MB/s and 4200MB/s means it's going to be a handy upgrade to any older solid state drives you have in your system, as well as a game-changing upgrade over any older mechanical hard drives.

Random read and writes of 680K and 850K IOPS means it'll also offer especially quick load times in games, too, if you wanted to run your Steam library from it, for instance. This places it just below the very fastest PCIe 4.0 SSDs, which tend to max out around the 1,000K IOPS mark.

A 4TB capacity here means you've got oodles of space to play with, and the fact this drive comes with a DRAM cache means it's also suitable for installing your OS on, although given the speeds on offer, the capacity may be better served as being a game drive.

This drive will also work in the PS5 - it's marginally slower than Sony's 5500MB/s requirement, but in our testing even significantly slower drives performed identically to the fastest PS5 SSDs in the most demanding games released so far. However, you may want to add an inexpensive heatsink to ensure peak sustained performance.

Speaking of PS5 performance and storage, adding a 4TB drive is going to increase your total usable storage on the console by nearly eight times. That's because while the advertised capacity of the PS5's internal drive is 825GB,the actual usable storage there is 666GB. Adding a 4TB drive therefore gives you 4.66TB of space to use, which is just shy of eight times more than standard...

On the PC side of things, any motherboard released in the last three or four years (eg B550/X570 or Z590/H560 and later) should work with this drive at full speed, while older systems will work at reduced speeds.

This Crucial P3 Plus deal from Amazon really is an exhibition in how cheap solid state storage has gotten recently, and for 4TB of capacity, it's an absolute steal.

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