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Final Fantasy 16 producer confuses fans with PC release response

Crystal clear?

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has responded to the question of a possible PC release.

On a Final Fantasy 14 Mahjong stream with the rest of the development team, Yoshida was asked about rumours of a Final Fantasy 16 PC release.

"I don't know where the notion of a PC version releasing six months after the game is out came from as none of us have ever said that. In either case, please buy the PS5 [version]!" he said, as per a translation from streamer and translator Aitai Kimochi.


He followed up: "ahh, but yeah in either case we spent a ton of money on this game, and the quality is great, so I hope you can buy it [on ps5]".

Siliconera has similarly translated the comment: "There's been talk that the PC version [of FF16] will come out, but no one [on the team] has said anything about the PC version. I wonder why people assume the PC version will arrive six months after [the PS5 version], so just go ahead and buy a PS5."

To answer Yoshida's confusion, a promotional video for the PlayStation 5 console from last November included in its small print that Final Fantasy 16 would be "PS5 exclusive for six months".

It's been assumed, therefore, that a PC release of the game will be on its way some time after those six months - although not necessarily exactly on that six month anniversary.

What's more, previous games in the series are currently available on PC, including the recent releases Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

It would seem reasonable to assume Square Enix would do the same with its next release - unless there was PlayStation exclusivity. Which there is, for six months at least.

Yoshida's comment has thrown fans into confusion, though that was perhaps his intention. After all, he smirks a little while making this comment - is this just to throw us off the scent of a PC release?

The bottom line though: if you want to play Final Fantasy 16, you'll have to own a PlayStation 5 console - for now at least.

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