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Stadia exclusive Gunsport reborn in Steam beta

Spike blocked.

Gunsport, a game set to be lost with the closure of Stadia, has now been made available on Steam within another game.

Necrosoft originally released Gunsport in 2020 as a Stadia exclusive; this was followed by Hyper Gunsport in June 2022 across PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

Now the developer has added Gunsport to Hyper Gunsport on PC via Steam's beta channel.

Hyper Gunsport's launch trailer.

"Stadia is shutting down tomorrow. This means all exclusives, like the original Gunsport, will blink out of existence," said Necrosoft on Twitter.

"But!! Since we care about game preservation we've made an offline version of Gunsport available in the Steam version of Hyper Gunsport, through the beta channel."

It means not only do Steam owners of Hyper Gunsport now have an extra free game, but the game is preserved in an incredibly smart move.

Necrosoft was one of many developers shocked at the sudden news of Stadia's shutdown in September last year. Its next game will be the very promising Demonschool.

Hyper Gunsport is a cyberpunk re-imagining of volleyball with guns that's been well received.

Ahead of today's Stadia's shutdown, its bluetooth controller tool is now live so they can be used on other devices.

What's more, Stadia fans have been battling for the number one spot on the Worm Game leaderboard to claim bragging rights for eternity.

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Hyper Gunsport

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