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Fortnite U-turns on time-limited weekly quests

Challenge accepted.

Epic Games has reversed course on its decision to make Fortnite's weekly quests expire after seven days - a change introduced at the start of the popular battle royale's most recent season.

Prior to the start of Chapter 4 Season 1, weekly quests would release over the course of a Fortnite season and stick around until the end. It meant you could log on at any point and complete the challenges after they were released, without the FOMO-inducing need to finish them within a set timeframe.

Since the start of this season, however, weekly quests were changed to offer a more heavily-themed set of challenges which have just seven days to complete, including several with multiple quest steps (that Epic Games has, in a previous update, already made easier).

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Fans complained about the change, and said it meant they could no longer log on at their leisure and complete quests to earn battle pass rewards and XP on their own timeframe.

Some players, for example, leave a lot of this levelling until the end of the season - when it's quite easy to knock off lots of challenges at once through normal play, rather than picking them off as they're released one by one.

Fortnite has always featured a range of quests, including daily rewards and time-limited events or crossovers with the need to finish various objectives within a certain timeframe. Indeed, there's an advantage to this, as Fortnite frequently tweaks its Island map and loot pool, meaning long-lasting challenges have to work around any changes. And, of course, time-limited weekly challenges are relatively standard in games of this type.

It's pleasing, then, to see Epic Games U-turn on its change to weekly quests this season following fan feedback that they were too difficult to tick off and keep up, and that they were one FOMO step too far.

As of today's update, new weekly quests will once more stick around until the end of the season they were released in, returning things to how they worked previously.

Elsewhere in today's update, Epic Games has added yet more Dragonball Z characters to buy in the game's Item Shop, and reactivated the anime crossover's mythic items. Paired up with the frankly overpowered Deku's Smash ability from My Hero Academia, which is still active, you can now wage the anime war of your dreams.